How to Add or Create AOL Desktop Gold Icon / Shortcut

 Add or Create AOL Desktop Gold Icon/Shortcut

AOL Desktop Gold is publicized as a quick web browser wherever you’ll explore the planet of AOL on one platform. Since speed is such a very important think the net world it’ll facilitate to understand a lot of about the various options of AOL Gold which will build it easier for you to browse the net. The AOL Desktop Gold Icon is one such feature you’ll use to form browsing the net quicker and easier. This text can offer you a summary of the various ways you’ll use to form the icon or road once you complete the AOL Gold download. Once you produce the AOL Gold road you’ll access browser with only 1 click, therefore saving time.

Steps to feature or produce AOL Desktop Gold icon

Below you’ll notice there a way you’ll use to form And add an AOL Desktop Gold to your Phone or Computer:

Method 1. Steps to form AOL Gold icon from the taskbar

  • Step 1: Click constellation before the record the correct corner of the taskbar.
  • Step 2: once the hidden icons open, right-click AOL Desktop Gold
  • Step 3. Press the ‘create AOL  shortcut‘ possibility and check your desktop secret to envision if the AOL Desktop Gold icon is formed

Method 2. Steps to form AOL desktop gold icon from the desktop

  • Step 1. Right-click on your desktop and place the pointer on ‘New’
  • Step 2. Click ‘shortcut’ from the list that seems and continues
  • Step 3. rummage around for the AOL Gold app location and choose ‘Next’
  • Step 4. Enter AN acceptable name of the icon or leave the initial name
  • Step 5. Press ‘finish’ and check the desktop to envision if your AOL desktop gold icon is formed.

Method 3. Steps to form AOL Gold icon victimization drag and drop

  • Step 1. The US the beginning program or browser ‘programs’ to open AOL Gold
  • Step 2. Left click the AOL Desktop Gold folder
  • Step 3. Press and hold the button to pull it to the desktop then unleash.
  • Step 4. An AOL Gold icon is going to be created on the desktop to assist you to access your AOL Mail.

Steps to pin AOL road in begin menu in windows ten

For higher access you’ll use the steps given below to pin the AOL Desktop Gold icon directly within the begin menu on your Windows ten device:

  • Step 1. Open your browser and log in to AOL account.
  • Step 2. attend setting within the high right corner of the screen.
  • Step 3. within the menu, click ‘pin to start out menu’
  • Step 4. you’ll then drag the AOL road to an expert within the begin.

If you have got an issue with the steps given during this article or if you encounter any technical error once you complete your AOL Desktop Gold transfer you’ll decision the AOL client care variety and speak to a trained skilled to search out the most effective answer to repair the matter.


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