How To Add Line Numbers In Notepad

Hello and welcome to today I want to talk about notepad potentially one of my most favorite applications all-time favorite, believe it or not. It’s so simple it’s so elegant but it’s there on all servers on all client workstations in the windows world and it’s immediate access to get into it opens up almost all the cases I use WordPad if something has Unicode characters but for the most part I actually use notepad almost all the time. Some people say why do not you use notepad + or some of the other Ultraedit some other tools and I do from time to time, but I went into so many engines generic server in particular that does not have anything installed that I just really back to the notepad in many situations.

I want to show two quick tricks or just a couple quick tricks on how to add line numbers in Notepad and some gotchas that have gotten me over time. I understand a lot of people know this it’s not news for anyone but for many people it is and so I hope you find this useful.

I have a really large document here and I want to be able to find what line number I’m on and also let’s say I have a request to jump to line let’s say 2000. So if I go under edit, look at this the go-to is grayed out so something’s up and I remember the first time I ran into this I configure for life of me because I was sure that the go-to had work and all of a sudden it wasn’t and also the view there’s a status bar but it’s also great out. Why is this it’s inconsistent because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t here’s the gotcha under format word wrap if word wrap is enabled you’re not going to has a function that if you disable word wrap and then suddenly you are no status bar.

Here’s how to Adds line numbering in Notepad

Now we see the number of rows in the column and also to get into the back so there is a kicker you under ‘Format’.Add Line Numbers In NotepadSo let’s go to the end of the document we can see we have about eleven and a half thousand rows in a particular document. I want to go I can do ‘CTRL G’ and let’s say I wanted to go to the line in 2000.Add Line Numbers In NotepadAnd it jumps us right there and also in the curse is also here under edit go to if you don’t don’t remember the shortcut. Finally one other thing is if you hit control G on a particular line, then what it populates here is a line number that you’re on, so 2033 is the line that we’re on course you can override that and go to 11,000 let’s say 500 close to the bottom.Add Line Numbers In Notepadlet’s go to the very bottom control. G look at this eleven thousand five eighty-nine eleven five eighty-nine so works.Add Line Numbers In NotepadSo very simple tip and trick today the kicker is watching for that word wrap you can turn on the status bar. If you want and if you do a go to it will populate with the line, that you’re currently on essentially giving you line numbers here right within our favorite simple tool notepad itself thanks.


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