Fix AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failed

To install AOL Desktop Gold you may initial got to transfer the setup file on your PC. the method to transfer the file varies counting on the kind of AOL Desktop Gold user you’re registered as. Before you transfer AOL Desktop Gold you’ll speak to Associate in Nursing AOL client support representative to grasp additional regarding the membership plans or subscriptions obtainable.

Fix AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failed

How to install AOL Desktop Gold?

After you have got downloaded the setup file you’ll simply follow the steps below to put in it on your system:

  • move to the File individual icon on your desktop.
  • look for the Downloads folder and choose it.
  • glance through the recent downloads for the “Install_AOL_Desktop” icon.
  • Right-click the file and run it as administrator.
  • you ought to receive a prompt with the “Install Now” button.

What to try and do if AOL Desktop Gold Installation Failed?

On account of its advanced options and security settings, AOL Desktop Gold desires sure basic system needs to run swimmingly. generally, if these system needs don’t seem to be obtainable on your system then AOL Desktop Gold won’t be ready to install properly. Here square measure some easy troubleshooting steps you’ll follow if the installation failed:

Step 1: Check all System needs

Keep in mind that AOL Desktop Gold isn’t compatible with any version of Windows that is before Windows seven. Below you may realize an inventory of normal system needs to run Desktop Gold. bear the list to form certain your system is up to date:

  • Windows seven or higher package
  • Sound Screen Resolution is a minimum of 1024 x 768
  • High-speed processor (266 rates or quicker recommended)
  • The system ought to have a one GB or additional RAM
  • quick net network association

Step 2: Restart your system

The RAM is that the main memory of your pc. Over time it gets accumulated with unimportant and temporary information files that may bog down your system. Restarting your PC can facilitate clear the RAM and speed up performance.

Step 3: Check the network association

A poor network association or a web association that fluctuates can disrupt or maybe halt the AOL Desktop Gold installation failed method. it’d be a decent plan to resuscitate your network association once you restart your PC. If you see that the network association is slow you’ll contact your net service supplier for higher service

These square measure terribly basic troubleshooting steps you’ll follow once you square measure unable to put in AOL Desktop Gold. If these steps don’t work you’ll obtain the recommendation of a trained skilled by contacting AOL Desktop Gold client service. Technicians square measure obtainable twenty-four hours on a daily basis to supply steering on any issue you’ll have.


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