Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++ Auto Save, Autosave2

This plugin mechanically creates new backup files for the changes created within the Notepad++ document. Files area unit created for all opened documents in Notepad++.

Both of those plugins area unit terribly helpful in their own method. I actually have reviewed each of them here; see that one suits you best, and simply install that to Notepad++.

Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++To use this plugin, you wish to own Notepad++ already put in in your pc. If you don’t have it, transfer it from here and install it.

How To Install These autoSave Plugins

You’ll be able to install them from Plugins choice at intervals the Notepad++ Menu Bar. Steps are, visit Notepad++ Menu Bar –> Plugins –> Plugin Manager- > Show Plugin Manager. they will be simply found within the out there section. they’re settled one once another. choose them, and click on on the Install button.

Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++ Auto Save, Autosave2

How To Use These autoSave Plugins

Let us see the way to use each the plugins one by one and visit too New line character in Notepad++

“Auto Save”:

This plugin “Auto Save” allows you to be able to save files automatically in Notepad ++. It auto-saves documents once Notepad++ once specific time intervals given by you. It may autosave whenever Notepad++ loses focus. This plugin will save the present file, all opened files, and new files that you simply produce in Notepad++.

For saving an auto-save file, this plugin will either write the constant file or produce an autorecover go in a constant directory. you’ll be able to modify settings within the “Option” section.

Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++


Autosave2 plugin additionally permits you to auto-save the documents at specific time intervals. However, the most distinctive from the previous plugin is that it creates a brand new file on every occasion it’s to save lots of a file. To differentiate between auto-saved file names, it adds date and time to file name.

Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++It saves all the documents of the Notepad++, as well as new files. Do note that it doesn’t overwrite the present files; instead, it creates new auto-save files solely, as I discussed on top of. you’ll be able to tack it to save lots of auto-save files in the same directory as an existing file, otherwise, you will save them in a very totally different backup directory (this is my most well-liked choice, therefore on not litter the supply directory).

Plugins To Auto Save Files In Notepad++Apart from being associate degree automobile save plugin, this plugin will truly be used as a rudimentary versioning plugin similarly to trace changes created to the file, because it can keep a photograph of the file once specific time intervals. So, if one thing goes wrong, you’ll be able to simply restore a previous version of the file.

Some other main choices of cars are Save Plugins

  • each plugin area unit in no time, and light-weight.
  • they’re easy.
  • The “Auto Save” plugin, provides a feature to ignore files from the auto-save unit area that is larger than the size selected by you.

Some other helpful Notepad++ Plugins area unit Falling Bricks, Speech, Compare, and lightweight somebody.


This area unit the 2 plugins that you’ll be able to use to auto-save the Notepad++ documents. each of them gives some terribly helpful options to auto-save your vital documents. They along give a whole auto-save answer for your documents. I significantly realize the feature of autoSave plugin terribly exciting to auto-save the documents once Notepad++ lost focus. Of course, AutoSave2 has the intercalary advantage of storing totally different versions of the document.

I have given you a quick summary of each of those plugins and add Spell check in Notepad. currently, you’ll be able to rationally decide that one works for you higher and add that to your Notepad++.

You can install each plugin from at intervals Notepad++ or transfer them outwardly from here (Auto Save, Autosave2) and install it.


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