Microsoft Autoruns for PC – Windows 10 (64 bit / 32 bit)

Hello, today’s is an introduction to Autoruns for Windows 10 which is part of the Sysinternals suite. Okay that’s available from Microsoft the link should be in the description and a pop-up should be coming over here to show you the video on how to get it. Anyways basically what this program is all about is when windows start up when you log in etc lots and lots of programs services drivers are automatically started now many of them are part of the normal day using some of them you may not be using ok.

Autoruns for Windows 10You may want to stop that to increase performance and others may actually malware and viruses okay, that start up automatically can identify them using this program and can stop them and thus make sure your computer is more efficient and you also cleaner ok. So very simple once you’ve downloaded the system kernel suite you would then unzip it and you would find basically autoruns click on that and then run as administrator when you do that it starts like this will show everything start for certain users and you can change it the user basically if you want to see what starts up under the system account under the local service account under network service account and in this case our account is ok.

So you might find that it’s a little too much to see, but you can then narrow it down to just for an example of when you will enter and what happens when you enter. Now I might stop if we say Google Chrome starts automatically at this point or else we see the description that we see in the publisher what you can do is very nice you can verify the image first check virus total to make sure it really is the virus this program started. Okay maybe it says Google Chrome, or it’s not Google Chrome so you will verify the image check virustotal etc.

You can also search online, if you find something unknown and the simple thing you need to do is take it off then every time we want to go to Google Chrome it won’t start, you might find that the virus might come in the fall of your driver service ok all can start under the task part of their schedule might go through image piracy ok, this is very normal what we are experiencing here. That is the possibility that we have done very quickly shown, you are the way to stop the program from starting. when you start your computer. all you need to do is delete it I have shown you, a quick way to see who the publisher’s description is for the virus check search is ok everything online is only to identify which programs you don’t really need when the computer is turned on and can make your computer more efficient and also to remove possible malware and viruses, etc.


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