AVG free Download For Windows 10

Understanding AntiVirus is a protective software from viruses that are on a computer. AntiVirus is a drug or protective shield so that your Windows or laptop PC is protected from viruses that cause the computer to get sick.

How to Download and Install AVG for Windows 10.

AVG free download for Windows 10, in particular, the free version. so it’s very simple what we want to do is:

AVG free Download For Windows 10

  • Open up any web browser of your choosing I’m going to select Internet Explorer.
  • Now I recommend going to Google and then what you want to do is type in AVG Free Antivirus the first link it comes up we should say AVG antivirus free you want to left click on that at the top of the page where you want to go and left click on downloads right across from AVG protection free you want to left click on free download.
  • Then you’ll be prompted if you want to save or run this file I will run it you can do either one I would suggest left clicking on run in the user account control window left click on yes at this point you can close out of your web browser.
  • Then you will get a pop-up saying welcome to AVG protection if you want to do a full installation click on continue if you want to customize specifically what is being installed select custom.
  • The installation I’m going to left click on custom installation.
  • Under protection free left click on the little circle next to basic protection it will not begin your free trial or the professional version it will enable the basic protection at first and you will.
  • not be dealing with this trial once you select the basic protection option left click on continue.AVG free Download For Windows 10
  • Then if you’re ok with the location I’d recommend keeping.
  • This as it is left click on install now.
  • So this may take a moment and I will be right back. okay everyone, so AVG is finished installing. now you can enter an.
  • Email and a password to link up your AVG account if you do not want to do that for right now that is perfectly okay just left click skip for now at the bottom.AVG Download For Windows 10
  • Begin to the AVG is continuing to download and install the protection component there’s no more user interaction required at this point, but regardless I will stop the reporting andI’ll be right back once it is finished installing.
  • Hello everyone I am back the virus definitions was updated and the program was updated successfully all on its own did not require any user interaction. Then you might get a pop-up in the bottom right saying to safeguard your browsers if you want to install an additional web browser add-on then just keep this checkmark clicked and click OK.
  • However, if you do not want this Matalin DS selected so basically just click on this box again to have it unchecked.
  • Slick on decline personally I would recommend unchecking it and then left click on the Klein if you do want the
  • AVG secure search then keep this checked on and then click OK.AVG free Download For Windows 10

So it’s really a personal preference at this point, I’m just going to decline it because it also it probably will slow down your web browser a little bit that’s always something to consider with any web browser add-on. So I hope this tutorial helped you guys out and I will see you in the next .

Advantages of AVG Antivirus:

  1. Installing AVG is quite easy.
  2. auto update during online (scheduled update).
  3. AVG can be installed on the Mozilla Firefox browser as a plugin so that surfing is safer.
  4. Fast virus scanning.
  5. The memory used on the PC is not too much.
  6. Resident options do not slow down computer work.
  7. Has Anti Spyware, Link-Scanner, Email-Scanner features.
  8. Anti Spam.
  9. Game Mode.
  10. Anti Rootkit Protection.

Lack of AVG antivirus:

  1. The first installation is quite long, especially for the latest version (AVG 9).
  2. The way the operating settings are a bit more complicated.
  3. Files that are affected by a virus are usually deleted by AVG along with the virus.
  4. AVG usually depends on the operating system of the computer being used.
  5. AVG Sometimes considers files that have EXE extensions as viruses, especially on crack files.
  6. AVG updates can take a long time.



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