How to Change Text Color in Notepad++

How to change the color of the text in Notepad plus plus coding I want HTML and CSS used in examples like this and the tutorial is actually very simple ironically. There you just need to change your language, so what I’m going to do I’ve got notepad plus plus here in the background and right now I have no color scheme enabled so to set a style.

Change Text Color in Notepad++I’m going to go to settings and then the style Configurator and then I’m going to go and choose blackboard which is one of my favorites if I’m honestly okay.

Change Text Color in Notepad++So if you’ve got two language at the top now I’m using the HTML document Notepad. But I’ll point out CSS for you in a moment. If you click on language go down to H wherever it is in the menu if we can remember my Olfa bet there we go HTML and bingo there we go that’s a lot easier to read now. If you were using a CSS document then you would go to language C and then CSS and then you’ll see the color coding changes and again that make it much easier to work with CSS documents.

Change Text Color in Notepad++

Now I’m also just going to point out the obvious which is that if you’re using a pH tml file. You can go to language and then go to HTML and then HTML and then the color coding will then still appear for both a HTML document and a pH develop document as well. So I hope that helps you great.


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