Check for updates in windows 10

It is very important to keep your Windows 10 updated with the latest security patches, new features, and setting changes. You will learn How to check for updates in Windows 10.

When first launched until now, Windows 10 changes, improve, and add some new features. Windows 10 users can get these changes only through Windows Update. Many people are afraid to update their Windows 10 because they are afraid of losing the license. It is quite impossible if you are using genuine Windows 10, not the pirated one.

Why to check updates your Windows 10 system is important? The development of the operating system is also followed by the development of security threats as well as bugs are discovered and reported by the users. Windows Updates usually come with security improvement, fix bugs, and updates the components that make your Windows 10 runs better and stable. So there is no reason to not update your Windows 10.

How to check for updates in windows 10

There are two ways to check for updates in Windows 10, whether you would do it manually or automatically.

Check for updates in windows 10 manually, this is usually done when you’ve just fresh installed your computer with Windows 10, to check for the updates, go to the Start menu, and type “Windows Update” on the search box.

How to check for updates in windows 10

You will see a lot of search result from the words “Windows Update”, but choose the one that marked as shown above, click on it. The system will check for the updates that are available, then it will show you with pop up window how many updates are available along with the size of the file to be downloaded.

how to update windows 10 manually

Simply click the “Install updates” button and let them downloaded and install the update. Once the updates is completed, you will need to restart your Windows 10 computer in order to make changes. If you are not restart at the moment, the system will be restarted automatically in 1 day, so it’s recommended to restart after you back up or save anything you are working right now.

restart after check for the updates in windows 10


Check for updates in windows 10 automatically,As long as you are connected to the internet, in fact you do not need to do the updates manually in Windows 10, because by default you will get the latest security and other important updates from Microsoft automatically. In fact, the update can not be disabled to keep your Windows 10 update.

To check how your Windows 10 check for the updates, Go to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update, and then select Advanced options. On the “Choose how updates are installed” section, you will only find two options to choose: “Automatic (recommended)” and “Schedule a restart”. With Schedule a restart, you can adjust when the time is right to restart your Windows 10 after installing the updates.

How to check for updates in windows 10 automatically

To update your Windows 10 is important. Operating System is just like a machine, like a machine, OS like Windows 10 also needed a treatment or maintenance after being used for a while, there is some parts that are damaged and needs to be replaced and some kind like that. By running Windows Update to check the updates regularly is one form of a treatment and maintenance to your Windows 10 machine.

If you are still having trouble running the updates in Windows 10, please let us know and kindly share to your friends about the importance of updating Windows 10.


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