chromecast app windows 10

Here is the step by step tutorial how to download chromecast app to windows 10 (extend windows 10 computer to HDMI TV using chromecast).

  1. Make sure your chromecast device is installed correctly on HDMI port of your HDMI TV series.
  2. Download chromecast extension to windows 10 pc by visit : this URL using your google chrome browser
  3. On your windows 10 computer, please open google chrome browser then go to top right corner , press cast button and pick arrow down. Please press cast entire screen :chromecast app for windows 10 extend desktop to tv
  4. Get back on top right corner of chrome browser and then press cast button -> Chromecast then confirm google cast screen sharing popup windows : chromecast app for windows 10 pc
  5. Your windows 10 computer is now connected to HDMI TV with chromecast device. The windows 10 screen is now mirroring to TV :chromecast app for windows 10 downloads


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