How to Compile and Run Java in Notepad++

The first method is that you have to download the JDK

For this you need to download JDK from the Oracle’s website this step is easy just need to go to the Oracle website and download it yeah. Here it is you need to you know hear JDK 7 is available I have been using Jellicle 6 sometime now and that’s why I would prefer JDK 6 need to download.

Compile and Run Java in Notepad++I have JDK 6 has been installed on my system in which the next step should be to set environment variables now to set up your environment variables. You need to go here and type environment where you see this added 8 system environment variables here click environment variables go to path see JDK path JDK bin this is the path that you need to add over here and then press ok and you are done.

The second method is that you have to download Notepad ++

Now here you can download notepad plus plus click on the download button. I am going to use the Installer version you can use the zip version if you like just save it has been downloaded. Now you just need to install it this process is quite fast it will take about one or two seconds you see notepad plus plus has been installed

Compile and Run Java in Notepad++Now obviously you need night to hide some Java code but before that we need to install a plugin for that you go to plugins plug-in manager show plugin manager and you need to select n PP dot exe C. So you will find n PP dot exe C over here then select n PP dot exe C and install this will take a couple of minutes here you see that is asking to restart notepad plus plus press, yes notepad plus plus has restarted.

Compile Java In Notepad++

Now just need to click on the new icon write a sample java code I’m here writing a HelloWorld program for you now you need to save it I’m going to save it in the folder I will name it, hello world choose dot Java extension and save. It now you have to run this file for running this Val press f6 once you press f6 you will get this command window now whatever command you type and press okay that will be executed in the command prompt.

Compile and Run Java in Notepad++So first you need to change your directory to the directory where you have saved the file then you need to compile your Java code. The good thing is that you can do all these steps in a Singh in a single step now just press ok and here you see run also and you can see the output.


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