How to Connect FTP Server using Notepad++

Earlier we tend to announce a whole screenshot tutorial on putting in FileZilla shopper and server and synchronizing files between multiple shoppers. for this post, I will show you how to connect FTP server using Notepad ++, a different free notepad.

Notepad++ is fairly tiny low application and occupies 5 MB on your drive. You required to own a shopper application to transfer files to FTP or internet Servers. once you connect your server with the shopper application like FileZilla, a free FTP application, the file is then altered back employing a notepad or associate IDE.

Notepad++ combines the options of various application exploitation its NppFTP plug-in. this allows you to access all the files and folders on your internet server. furthermore, you’ll be able to produce new directories moreover.

Connect FTP Notepad++

Let us investigate but FTP plugin is working on Notepad ++

Notepad++ FTP association setup

First of all, you wish to transfer the most recent version of Notepad++; it hardly takes any time to put in. conjointly note that the most recent version of Notepad++ has FTP plugins put in with it. If you’re running an associate older version of Notepad++ then you wish to put in the plugins on an individual basis through plugin manager. you only got to launch the plugin, that is finished by clicking plugins NppFTP show NppFTP Windows.

How to Connect FTP Server using Notepad++

Configuring FTP association on Notepad++

How to Connect FTP Server using Notepad++

After launching the NppFTP windows, all you wish to try and do is to tack the FTP association, that is finished by clicking the final setting possibility beneath the Settings tab.

The next step is to feature a new profile. Click the button ‘add new’ on rock bottom left of the window and enter the name of the profile you’d prefer to have. Enter all the FTP or internet Server details, that include:

  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port

The port for FTP is often set as 21 – and select the association kind as ‘FTP’.

How to Connect FTP Server using Notepad++

Once you’re through with the entries, begin accessing your FTP Server simply by establishing property. that is finished by touching the connect button on the FTP Windows.

How to Connect FTP Server using Notepad++

There area unit bunch of possibility you’ll be able to do exploitation this, such as:

  1. Edit the file on the Notepad++ directly.
  2. transfer a brand new file.
  3. Delete a file.
  4. produce a brand new directory.
  5. Delete a directory.

I don’t have an FTP or internet Server

If you don’t have an online server, you wish not to worry. they’re several suppliers that provide you with free FTP accounts alongside an honest storage capability. I like to recommend Zymic that is extremely straightforward to subscribe and obtain started. Login there associated as shortly as you create an account there, you get all the credentials required to access it from an FTP shopper – that’s Hostname, Username, and secret.

What makes this application connect NppFTP spectacular is that it’s a transportable version moreover. You’ll be able to carry NotePad++ anyplace and begin accessing your Server from anyplace. It conjointly proves quite effective for developers because it has the feature of syntax light for several programming languages.


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