How to Convert Tabs Into Spaces in Notepad++

In the following, we will discuss how to convert the day notepad ++ spaces. If you are in the lock camp room and like to use Notepad ++, follow the steps below:

1. Method convert tabs into spaces in Notepad

I oftentimes use TextWrangler on my MacBook Air to try to some fast secret writing. one in every one of the issues I even have encountered is that once I switch back to Notepad++ on Windows, my areas become tabs. I’ve set Text Wrangler to use areas rather than tabs and that I wished to mirror constant settings in Notepad++.

how to convert tabs into spaces in notepad++

To change the tabs setting go to Settings > Preferences > Language Menu/Tab Settings. Then on the proper, you’ll be able to set a worldwide default for tabs or areas, and also the variety of areas per tab. you’ll be able to boot specify customized tabs/spaces settings for every language supported with the menu on top of.

2. method convert tabs into spaces in Notepad

People of the programming world is separated into 2 groups: Tabbers and Spacers.

If you’re within the house key camp and love mistreatment Notepad++, follow the steps below:

Use the menu on the top: Settings – Preferences

Convert Tabs to Spaces in Notepad++


Select Language (on the left)

Enable “Replace by space”.

You can additionally click on “Tab size: 2” and alter the required house count.

how to convert tabs into spaces in notepad++


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