How to Count Words in Notepad++

In Notepad++, you’ll quickly notice info concerning your text. as an example, what’s the document length and total word count? you’ll try this by employing a constitutional feature or by exploitation the TextFX plugin. They count words otherwise, though, therefore be aware! ensure you employ the one that’s right for you 🙂

Count Words in Notepad++

If you’ve got no plugins put in, you’ll use the constitutional outline feature. If you’re exploitation the TextFX plugin you’ll use the Word Count in Notepad feature:

  • Click read → summary
  • Double-click on Length / row in status bar (shortcut for Summary)
  • Use TextFX → TextFX Tools → Word Count

Differences between Notepad++ and TextFX

The Notepad++ summary solely shows the entire word count, not the chosen word count. If you’ve got text selected, it shows you ways several characters you’ve got selected, however not what number words are in your choice.

The TextFX Word Count shows the total and selected word count. It solely works after you have text selected. It shows you ways several words and characters are in your choice.

More significantly, Notepad++ and TextFX counts words otherwise. Notepad++ counts combined words as 2 words, whereas TextFX counts combined words joined word.

Fun fact: TextFX and Microsoft Word counts words identical means 🙂

View → summary

You can open the summary from the read menu:

Count Words in Notepad

In summary, we tend to see that we’ve got 286 words:

Count Words Notepad++

Double-click on standing Bar

You can conjointly open the summary by double-clicking on Length / Lines within the standing Bar. during this example, we’ve got highlighted the primary paragraph:

Count Words Notepad++In the outline, we tend to see that we tend to still have 286 words, despite having selected text. we are able to solely see the entire words within the outline box, not the chosen words.


Count Words Notepad++

TextFX Tools → Word Count

The alternative means of reckoning words is to use the TextFX plugin. This solely works if you’ve got text selected:

Count Words Notepad++

This time, we see that we have 90 selected words:

Count Words Notepad++

However, if we tend to choose all the text, we tend to see that we’ve got 282 words. this is often four fewer words than the outline according. this is often as a result of Notepad++ and TextFX counts combined words differently:

Count Words Notepad++



You can quickly count words in Notepad++ by exploitation the constitutional outline feature or by exploitation the TextFX Word Count feature. They count words otherwise, though, therefore be aware! ensure you employ the one that’s right for you 🙂


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