How to Delete Blank Lines in Notepad++

We will learn how to delete blank lines in notepad plus plus. Method 1. First of all open notepad plus plus so this is a blank line there so I will delete all the blank lines with one click so first, you have you need to install a plug-intext FX to achieve your target of deleting a blank line from notepad app.Delete Blank Lines in Notepad So to do this just go there in plugins and plug-in manager show plugin manager then it will show all the available plugins just check the plug-in you need this is already installed in my system.

My notepad PC PP that’s why it is not appearing here so you can find the process of installing the plug-in in my other article this is available at a certain ice dot-com.

Method 2. I am going to explain to you how to delete the blank lines from North Pacific view using this text FX plugin.

First of all, select the total document width control a click here text FX then go to text FX edit from there just go to delete blank lines click here on delete blank lines.

How to Delete Blank Lines in Notepad++So all your blank lines will be deleted now there are no bank line blank lines you can see here or blank lines are deleted right yeah this is that much simple for any other about technology.


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