How to Disable Line Endings in Notepad

Use the Notepad text editor that comes with Windows is important for easy handling text-based tasks of your business. By default, the end of the line pad inserts text once you reach the outskirts of the right space program. These square measure solely virtual line endings and that they move if you size your window. you’ll be able to close up the “Word Wrap” feature in notepad to get rid of line endings utterly in order that your text continues past the right-hand fringe of the space.

Disable Line Endings in Notepad

Step by step Line Endings in notepad

  • Click the Windows “Start” button.
  • Enter “Notepad” into the search box and double-click the device from the list of search results that seem to be. The Notepad application opens
  • Click the “Format” from the menu on the notepad to show the data format menu. you’ll see a check next to the words “Word Wrap,” that indicates that the display Word Wrap feature is presently inserting line endings into your pad files.
  • Click “Word Wrap” to get rid of the end of the line. The checkmark that accustomed seem next to “Word Wrap” disappears, indicating that you just have with success disabled this feature and removed all line endings from your document



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