How to Display Status Bar with Word Wrap Enable in Notepad

Every Windows 7/8/10 user is alert to notepad, the essential text editor that’s bundled with the code. in contrast to advanced text applications like Microsoft Word, notepad is usually used for low-level documentation: as an example, for making user guides and Readmes. It will also be utilized in things wherever plain text is ample while not a necessity for stylish format.

But even if it’s a basic text creator, pad still contains a few options that are terribly helpful in sure things. one among these is Word Wrap.

Display Status Bar with Word Wrap Enable in Notepad

is found within the Format tab in the pad. With this perform enabled, long lines of text are going to be broken into smaller lines for the convenience of the reader. You won’t have to be compelled to scroll left and right so as to scan content. you may be able to see everything at a look while not having to use the scroll bar. As you recognize, constant left-to-right scrolling may be annoying and worsening, to not mention disadvantageous for the neck. So, the scroll wrap feature is meant to form things easier for you once victimization pad.

Another fine feature of the notepad is that the standing Bar possibility. once writing, the standing Bar in pad displays the number of lines and columns within the document. although the knowledge sent isn’t as in-depth because the standing Bar in Microsoft Word, it still provides helpful titbits sure as shooting users.

With options like these, pad simply excellent for those of you that just need an easy text editor that’s lightweight, will all the straightforward things right, and doesn’t consume too several resources.

There is a spanner within the works although. If you open notepad and click on the read tab, you may see that the standing bar possibility is greyed out. Before you go thinking there should be a mistake somewhere, nope. it’s, however, the pad is organized. standing Bar is mechanically greyed out once Word Wrap is enabled.

Since standing Bar shows the number of lines in a very text and Word Wrap breaks single lines into multiple ones for visual convenience, the conflict between the 2 options is inevitable if each is active at a similar time. Therefore, every time you change Word Wrap, the Stand Bar is mechanically disabled. Therefore, before standing up the bar can be used, you have got to revive the default line theme in notepad and visit too how to preview HTML in Notepad

Obviously, this can be a giant downside if you utilize notepad to form and edit scripts. you may wish the convenience Word Wrap provides whereas conjointly desperate to keep track of lines and columns as you produce them. you may merely commit to using another basic text writing tool that may at the same time keep each option enabled. however, if you favor staying victimization pad, we’ll show you a touch trick. With this hack, you’ll be able to activate each option at the same time in notepad.

How to alter the Display Status Bar and Word Wrap Enable in Notepad?

But 1st things first: Here is a way to alter Word Wrap and standing Bar the traditional way:

  1. First through Word Wrap, now open your notepad then choose Format> Word Wrap.
  2. For status Bar, first, disable Word Wrap. Next, attend read > status Bar.

How do I alter the status bar in notepad while not disabling Word Wrap?

  • victimization register Editor

With an easy hack, we are able to trick Windows register into facultative standing Bar in notepad once Word Wrap is already enabled. the method isn’t sophisticated the least bit. You just have to open the registry editor and change the relevant price for notepad. While there is no rush, these are the steps:

  1. Open up the search box on your Windows laptop.
  2. kind regedit and choose the highest result. this may open the Windows register Editor.
  3. If the menu is compressed, expand the laptop within the high left.
  5. Expand the code.
  6. Expand Microsoft.
  7. Scroll right down to notepad.
  8. you may see a bunch of values within the right panel.
  9. Right-click StatusBar and choose Modify.
  10. within the Edit DWORD window, modification the price knowledge value from 0 to 1 and click on alright to save.
  11. Exit register Editor.

For this methodology to achieve success, you want to shut notepad before initiating the method. you want to even have Word Wrap enabled before tweaking the StatusBar price in register Editor, otherwise, it’ll not work.

However, tinkering with the register has been noted to steer to some performance errors for a few users. Moreover, if you’re unable to alter the register values of pad or the other program, it’s seemingly owing to piddling issues with the files on your computer. associate degree accumulation of useless register things will cause this. the net impact, aside attainable register errors, is slower computer performance.

Prevention can be higher than cure; however if you couldn’t forestall, you’ll be able to fix. to resolve this case, we have a tendency to suggest downloading and putting in Auslogics BoostSpeed on your laptop. This handy code can check your computer for all causes of sub-optimum performance and eliminate them. All you have got to try to do is perform an easy scan, and it’ll show you an inventory of errors that have affected the performance of your C.P.U., HDD, and Windows. you’ll be able to fix every successively, or all promptly, with one click.

  • victimization Windows Update

The Windows ten Gregorian calendar month 2018 update (version 1809) brought loads of enhancements to the Windows platform. Among these may be a nice revamp of the notepad application. Microsoft supplemental loads of recent options because it updated pad once a protracted, long time. with the exception of things just like the ability to delete words with type, rivet and out of the text, search chosen text with Bing, among different helpful options, the standing Bar has finally been enabled by default during this cover version.

This means that if you’re on the Gregorian calendar month 2018 or later version of Windows ten, you don’t have to be compelled to use the registry hack. you’ll be able to alter standing Bar simply fine whereas Word Wrap is additionally active.

If you’re on associate degree older version of Windows ten, here is a way to update it:

  1. attend Settings
  2. select Update & Security
  3. Click Windows Updates
  4. choose the Check for Updates possibility
  5. Click the Restart currently button once the transfer is completed

Wait until Windows ends the update.


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