Download Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version

I’m going to show you guys how to Download adobe flash player for Windows 10. Now depending on the web browser you’re using Adobe Flash may be installed by default or you may have to install it on your computer. So I’m going to show you guys for those who don’t have it installed I’m going to show you guys how to do this first off just open up you can open up any browser of your choice.

1. So here I have a few different browsers I’m going to use Firefox

2. You can go to google.com

3.  And then from there let’s type in Adobe Flash

Download Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10Name Adobe Flash Player

  • Category Plugins
  • Author Adobe Website www.adobe.com
  • Operation System Windows 10
  • File Size 1.14 MB
  • Last Updated January 23, 201
  • Download 10,00,00,000

4. The website you want to go to is the one over here with disc Adobe Flash Player I’ll include that in the description as well for those who may want it. And here the trick here if you want to make sure you uncheck this where it says optional offers make sure you uncheck these otherwise these additional programs will install our new computer and you don’t really need them they’re just extra adware.

5. So after that click install.

you can click on save file Firefox by default saves them in the Downloads folder, so you can see here that the install the download is done. So I’m going to click on yes do you want to allow this out to make changes to your device click on yes okay. And then this window will pop up it’ll ask you how in the future do you want Adobe to install updates for you automatically you can check no if you want but I’m going to leave it as for allowing, so automatically it will update let me know when there are updates. Now they download it again this is normally a very quick process but it’s more or less the same. So it says here installed please restart the browser the green check marks there so let’s click finished, so let’s close Firefox let’s open it up again here it’s restart. Thank you go to this article


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