Download Audacity for Windows 10

download audacity for windows 10How to bass boost songs download Audacity for Windows 10. So the first thing that you got to do is click the link in the description first link there it will be very obvious that I clicked that link and I’ll take you to this page to download audacity. Now audacity is just basically free audio editing software that you can use for free anyways on destiny choose your version Windows Mac Linux whatever. So then make sure you click the download click the link and I’ll take you to this page and just click on the Installer it should start. anyways cook the Exe when it’s done and then audacity should start installing go through the installation process ok. now when this prompt comes up you want to cut yes, and it says should say audacity ok. So that’s the one you’re downloading and then I don’t know you should only have to click it once I click the toys for some reason next you gotta select the language which whatever language it might be guessing this is English OK. You’ll see well into audacity setup wizard good Nags check the license it talks about it its free software you may say use it for any personal commercial or educational purposes including installing it as many computers as you wish it’s licensed under there’s free open-source software for recording and editing sounds. So yeah click Next and then-then release it another matter just click Next again you need a 56 point 6 megabytes of free disk space next you probably want to click create a desktop icon, so then it’ll be on your desktop show up as an icon the preference is that’s just because I read on loading it because I already have it anyways click Next. Install an int we’ll start installing basically done installing information set the router and then we just click Next and then you probably want to check launch audacity when you’re done and then click finish. So make sure of a sea opens correctly and then you’re done. this is just how to download it very simple this is a great audio editing program I’ve used a lot of stuff I’ve used it’s great.


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