Download BlueStacks for Windows [10/8/7] or PC/Laptop

I’m going to show you how you can download  BlueStacks for Windows 10 operating system:

  • Download BlueStacks for Windows 10Just open your favorite browser and search for BlueStacks and the first link most probably which will appear here will be from BlueStacks comm OK.
  • Just open this link here and when you are inside this the website you just need to drag a bit down where you will see this download button OK. so just click download.
  • You can see executable files that you can store on your computer.
  • Simply clicking save file will then be see and you can install it.
  • Let it download and after downloading you will see and you can install it.

So now this BlueStacks installer executable file downloaded, so I am going to click this executable file, and I am going to minimize my browser now. You can see it’s extracting this executable file you will see this message user account control just like yes.

  • Can see the installation of bluestacks be started and says installing blue stakes okay.
  • By clicking continue to accept terms and conditions. You just need to click continue
  • The location where bluestacks will be installed. If you want to change the location can browse it and click Next and then click install.
  • The installation will start it can to a few minutes to complete the installation can see bluestacks are installed on my system and it’s processed loading all the channels which are available.

See all apps are loaded here right. you can scroll down to see all the apps they are categorized according to the category for example cards, top apps or you know social and communication or simulation or RPG games, other categories like arcade strategy and others right for example. You want to install some app, choose your app and just click on it so just double click on your app. you for this one-time setup. You just need on click continue and here it will ask to add your Google account. you have existing Google account can choose this option otherwise create a new Google account I have the existing one, I will click existing and in here give your email ID or password and once gave your login and password and click Next will see this kind of a screen which says signing in.

Will see this kind of screen just need to click Next button which is this button. Then click continue and once everything is complete. this installation button here, you click the install button and then this app will be installed on your BlueStacks . Just need to click accept you know to run this app or play any games on this BlueStacks emulator. So I hope you have enjoyed this article.


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