Brigadier: Download Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp Assistant Easily

Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp AssistantDownload Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp Assistant

At the beginning of the Boot Camp launch, it can be run on Tiger or Leopard. With Boot Camp, you can enter Windows as well as using a PC. Windows will run 100% completely, instead Windows will run much faster on Mac machines. What is needed when installing Boot Camp is; WindowsXP or Vista CD / DVD, and Leopard DVD for installing Apple hardware drivers that are not in the Windows database.

How to Easily Download Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp Assistant

Your Windows is still vulnerable to attacks, viruses or trojans. This does not mean installing Windows on a Mac will not catch these horrible things. But, your Leopard will remain safe even if the Windows is exposed to a virus Pre-installed Windows.

In determining the size of a Windows partition, you must adjust it with the initial intention of installing Windows on a Mac. Suppose you want to use Windows to play games, of course you have to give Windows partitions more space. But, if only to run Outlook, the size of 10 GB is more than enough. Determine wisely the size of the partition, and don’t make Leopard a shortage of land. Leave a minimum of 5 GB blank for Leopard.

After determining the partition, please start the partition process of Brigadier: Download Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp Assistant. The process will take time depending on the size of the partition. Please make tea while waiting for the partition process to finish.

Now prepare a Windows XP or Vista CD / DVD near you, because after pressing the “Start Installation” button the Mac will automatically restart. And then it will immediately boot to the Windows CD / DVD.

After you finish installing the Apple hardware driver on Windows, you should restart Windows so that the changes occur thoroughly. The boot-up time will go directly to Windows, because the boot target to the Windows Partition is set by default. To change it again to boot to Mac, please open the Windows Control Panel, and turn on the Boot Camp program. That’s how Brigadier: Download Boot Camp Drivers Without Boot Camp Assistant you can do.

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