Download CCleaner for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

How the download CCleaner for Windows 10 free and easy okay. Let’s go ahead and open up an internet browser of your choosing I’m going to open up Microsoft edge and once I have it open.

Step download CCleaner for Windows

  1. Going out to Google and once there I’m going to type in ccleaner links down below and the one that you want to go ahead and click on is CCleaner – free download or try CCleaner professional. Once you click on that takes you to this URL address right here which is prairie form command once here this is the download page that you can download from piriform.Download CCleaner for Windows 10
  2. Get three columns free professional and professional plus the one that we’re going to focus on today is the free one here so go ahead and scroll down and click on the download button.
  3. Once you do now they’ll begin the download process on your internet browser that you have open. You will receive this page that says thank you for downloading see cleaner.
  4. Then Microsoft edge I get this prompt down below and it says basically what do I want to do with the CC set up version 528 Exe and I get three choices over here save as or cancel and I’m going to go ahead and click on save
  5. That begins to download and it doesn’t really take too long, but it depends on the speed of your internet as well as the speed and performance of your computer. Then it goes ahead and in my case it says running security scan once that’s complete it tells me that the download has completed.
  6. So I can go ahead and click on run now and that will initiate the unpacking of the file the setup file that is that was just download.
  7. I can minimize or close out the internet browser at this point it doesn’t need to be open and once the unpacking is completed we get the first window of the installation for CCleaner.

Step Installation CCleaner for Windows.

Download CCleaner for Windows 10

  1. We can either click on install or customize I’m going to click on customize to show you that you can leave all these checks by default or uncheck them depending on you know basically. How you want the installation to go I’m going to leave them all checked and click on install
  2. Once I do that it goes ahead and begins the extraction and the installation of the CCleaner on my computer. I just want to point out this desktop icon here that’s a desktop icon from a previous version of CCleaner that I had already had installed on my computer, but the point I would like to make is that once the CCleaner is completed on its installation it will place a desktop icon on your Windows 10 desktop for you. so you can easily run CCleaner at any time okay.Download CCleaner for Windows 10
  3. Once it’s completed you get this message that says the setup has completed and you get a choice here you can either run CCleaner at this time or you can go ahead. Close this window out I’m going to choose to go ahead and click on run and once I do it opens up this page on my internet browser opens up my internet browser and presents this page to me it says thank you for installing.

It did open up CCleaner and you get a quite a lot of tools or utilities that you can make use of and the first one. Here is CCleaner which basically cleans your computer of all types of stuff that’s on your computer that you don’t need that’s using up a lot of your disk space and you can scroll up and down here. See all the items that are checked on both of these columns the windows and the applications that it’s going to clean and you can click on analyze here or click on run CCleaner okay.

It doesn’t take too long to complete and it depends on the speed of you know your computer system. As well as how many files that are junk and temporary that needs to scan through and delete and once it’s complete.


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