Download Garmin Express for Windows 10

The following is how to download Garmin Express and the details clearly !

Garmin Express for Windows 10

How to download install and use Garmin Express is a software tool used to update the maps and software on your Garmin devices. step by step download garmin express:

  • go to Garmin comm forward slash Express so from here if we scroll down under the download and install heading there we’ve got a link to download for Windows and then slightly underneath there we have a link to download for Mac.
  • click Save and then run and then install my download hasn’t started automatically so I’m going to click there restart the download and from there I’m going to click Save and that will download then run
  • so the first prompt we have here is to agree to the terms and conditions you can read those later at your leisure. we’ve got some installation options here if we like such as the root directory that it’s going to install
  • so next we arrive at this screen which says Garmin Express has been installed successfully, we can click on this button here to launch Garmin Express you’ll note it’s also appeared here in the taskbar
  • so we click on the plus to add a device now it’s asking us to connect the device to the computer, so I’m going to plug my Garmin Zumo 590 LM into the computer using a USB cable

How to connect Gamin Express with Zemo ?

Garmin Express for Windows 10Garmin Express has found my Zemo and the next step I need to do is click Add device at this point in time you can register the device if you wish to I’ve already registered, so I’m going to skip this part next we can add a nickname for the device to make it easier to identify in Garmin Express.

  • I’m just going to leave that as the device name there Zumo 590 ,finally we’ve a request from Garmin to provide them with anonymous data usage to help them with their product development and so on so you can choose yes or no. For that I’m going to click yes and click finish and that completes the setup process.
  • The Zumo is connected in setup we can check for updates by clicking check for updates, so it’s saying map and software updates are available and the estimated installation time is one hour and 56 minutes. if I click on View details it will show me some of the updates that are available that I can install. So there’s a map update at the top there and then there’s a software update and finally localization update at the bottom.
  • So if I go back and just click install all I am prompted to accept the licensing agreements and next I need to click update, now it’s important when you’re updating your device specifically. Here that you do not unplug the device from the computer while the updates are in progress because this can damage the device software updates are installed first and then you have to restart our Zoomer after the updates to check that they’ve taken map updates come after software updates, so I’m already on my tire we’ve got time on we’re sure we can leave the device without it being interrupted we can click continue.
  • The software is downloaded and installed the next step is to restart the Zumo now I’ve booted it up saying that the following updates were installed a map update and a software update, so I click OK.

Plug the Zumo back into the computer you see the Garmin Express is now recognized .as you know is plugged back in and is now preparing another map update. another map update maps can be very large, so sometimes they take a while to download depending on the speed of your connection.

  • So now the map update is complete, now these updates are cumulative so if you haven’t updated your device for a while, it will cycle through several updates until the devices.
  • One of the nice features of Garmin Express is that if you have it running in the background in the taskbar which is the default setting once you plug your Garmin device into the computer it will automatically launch and check for updates.
  • So there we go it says we’re up to date, so that’s a convenient way to check for updates.
  • You can determine whether you like your favorites to be backed up manually and specify a location here for them to be backed up we check this box here always backup favorites before performing updates.
  • The Garmin Express will backup your favorites before installing a software updates and so on under optional updates we’ve got two selections here language files and other files, so if we click under language files you see you can install additional languages on your your device.

There finally at the bottom here we’ve got remove from Express, so using this option here you can remove the current device from Garmin Express so it doesn’t show up in the list that would be worth doing perhaps if you no longer use the device or if you’ve given it to someone else or perhaps sold it at the bottom of the screen. We have the heading device storage this indicates how much of the memory on the device is currently being used once it goes above a certain level it warns you advising you may wish to expand your memory to install larger Maps. So moving back to the top we can click on the help and manuals tab now here we’ve just got links essentially to online sites where it has information about your particular device. If I was to click on installation instructions that opens up a web browser with a link to the installation instructions PDF you’ve arrived so it’s essentially like a theme pack for your air your device again you may be into that the options are there, so that’s how to download install and use Garmin Express and how to update your device with it and use some of the tools and vehicle and voice updates on there thanks


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