How to Download Google Earth for Windows 10

Step to Download and Install Google Earth for Windows 10

Hales going today I’d like to show you how to download and install Google Earth this is a great program if you never used it before and it’s actually pretty simple to download Google earth for Windows 10 so let’s go see the way below:

  • Open up our web browser and go to google.com and I’m going to go ahead and search Google Earth.
  • Going to go to download and Google Maps and Earth Terms of Service.
  • So you need to go ahead and read every single line through here or just scroll pass it and hit agree and download let’s click.Google Earth for Windows 10
  • As you see it downloaded right here but I need to get the program to start and just a quick note I’m in using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.
  • If you’re using Internet Explorer or Firefox this might be a little bit different so anyways I’m going to come down here I’m going to open up this little tab here I’m gonna hit open okay.
  • Once I hit open you should get a box where it’s going to start showing as downloading and now it’s installing and depending on your security settings on your Google Chrome or your computer. You may get a box that pops up and asked to you to give permission for Google Earth to install this program and you just want to make sure you hit yes.
  • This might take a couple minutes I’m going to let it install and then we’ll come back here in just a minute take a look.
  • Okay once it gets done installing it should automatically open up if not you’ll probably have an icon on your desktop.
  • You could do it and this is basically some quick information about how to use Google Earth up on the front end here and you can actually right here says show tips at startup you can keep it checked or you can uncheck it and if you don’t want this box to pop up every single time and then you can hit close and this is showing Google Earth right.Download Google Earth for Windows 10

How to use Google Earth and some of the really cool features that it does have where you could just drop down on Street View and you could check out different places pretty much anywhere in the world.

So this thing is pretty amazing and we could take our tour around the world with this I think this for programs this is pretty awesome program. A quick note too if you do have a really slow internet this thing might be kind of more delayed and won’t be as smooth, but you can still use it with slowly Internet I just got to have a little more patience so anyways I hope this helped you on how to download and install Google Earth and thank you .


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