Download iTunes for Windows 10

Understanding iTunes is an Apple audio player program, has the ability to import sound files from CDs, download songs, listen to the radio, the internet, and others. how to download iTunes for Windows 10 and it’s free and easy ok.Download iTunes  for Windows 10

Steps Download iTunes for Windows 10.

Let’s go ahead and get started here by opening up Microsoft edge within Windows 10 and going out to the internet and we want to go to this Internet address Apple.com forward slash iTunes for / download and I’ll have this address in my description area as well now. Let’s go down here and these are checked off by default if you want to receive Apple updates and Apple news leave these checked and also your email address you can put that in there and then click on the download.Download iTunes for Windows 10

Now in Microsoft edge, we get this prompt down here that says it’s downloading normally it doesn’t take too long depending on the speed and performance of your computer and your internet provider speed.

Once it’s completed downloading I’ll get a message that tells me that it’s finished and I can go them over here and click on View downloads or click on run.Download iTunes for Windows 10

I’m going to go ahead and click on run and that’ll begin the installation process of iTunes on my computer and that opens up the iTunes installation window for me and let’s go ahead and close out Microsoft edge.

So we can see this a little bit more clearly at this point I’m going to go ahead and click on next and they give me some options up here. I’m going to take the defaults and click on install and once I do I get this message here from Windows security that basically asks me to do I want to allow this program to install itself on my computer and I’m going to say yes.

And it will go ahead and continue installing iTunes onto my laptop computer here and through the magic of video editing I’ve speeded this up considerably but this can take up to a few minutes depending on the speed and performance of your computer and once it’s done you get this message and there’s a check mark up here that says allow iTunes to open up once you click on finishDownload iTunes for Windows 10

Going to get leave it checked and click on finish and that will open up iTunes for me and I get this some Apple agreement here. That I need to agree to and I suggest you do read it and click on agree.

And once that’s done it’ll go ahead and open up iTunes on your computer for you. The first screen you get is the iTunes the welcome screen where you get a choice after reading the intro to click on no, thanks or agree I’m going to click on agree and I hope you do too and then you get the next screen which basically allows you to scan for media or go to the iTunes Store.

I’m going to go ahead and click on iTunes Store and open that up and at this point you can go ahead and start using iTunes and download music alright let me go ahead and close this out .One last thing to mention that when the installation completed it also placed in iTunes icon on your desktop, so you can easily open it up at any time you choose to okay that’s it for this tutorial.


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