How to Download and Install Notepad ++ for Windows 10/8/7/XP

Hi, guys in this tutorial I am going to show you how you can download and install notepad for Windows10 okay after that you can you know read about this notepad plus plus. Now you can program in many languages like HTML PHP Java 0 and other, so many languages. So you can take a look at it read it about notepad plus if you like and after that, I hear we have this you know at the left we have.Notepad for Windows 10

Download Notepad windows 10

  1. just open your browser you.
  2. go to this website that is notepad – + – + dot org okay the link of the website.
  3. this download link over here. just click on .
  4. it’s downloading ok the file has been you know downloaded so let me go to the place where I downloaded it so here are the executables okay.

 Notepad for Windows 10So let me double click in order to run the setup file and you can choose. You know many different languages over here in my case it’s English and then click on OK then click on next over.

Install Notepad on windows 10

Here you can read the license agreement over here. If you like and then click on I agree. Here is the destination folder where the where you know notepad plus plus will be installed ok. See Program Files x86 Nordberg plus their eyes after that you need to click on next they let it be the default and then click on next here we have some more you know choose components to choose which feature of notepad plus that you want to install. Notepad for Windows 10

  1. You can take a look at it you can read it if you like and you know just check it in order to install.
  2. So let I just wanna you know check this create a shortcut on the desktop and then move on then install ok guys.
    you can see it’s installing and click ok.
  3. It’s done ok a run notepad click on finish the guys.

We have the notepad plus plus there are some above fixes in enhancement over here you can check it out in new version over here. Just click on cross in order to close that tab and here you have guys can you know, just click on file, then click on new, here you can you know type anything and after you’re done you know typing can just click on file and then click on save and here we have this you know. How to Download and Install Notepad ++ for Windows 10/8/7/XPSo many options over here like you can save it as a c++ if you have programmed in c++ as a c file see ok. So there are many languages you can program in this create editor okay and then click on save and you stop okay guys. So in this way, you can download and install notepad plus plus for Windows 10 okay. This box for the previous versions of Windows operating system like a Windows 8.1 8 and Windows 7 and also Windows XP.


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