Download Google Picasa for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP or Vista

Hey guys what’s up its strife down here and so I’m going to show you guys how to get Download Picasso for Windows 10 I’m going to show you how to download Picasa it wish to download it and how to install it. Now Picasa is some image editing software by Google with this software you can edit your images organize them and share them with other people.

Download Google Picasa for Windows

Let’s get started ok. I want to use Google Chrome just as it’s my preferred browser you can use any browser to my knowledge as long as this remotely you and we’re going to go to the castle google.comDownload Google Picasa for Windows 10And hit return now it says here that we can download the castle Windows 10 or Windows 8 however it’s also working on Windows 7 they just have an edit of this yet and pop people in the future, so we’re going to click download Picasa and you can see down here it’s Downloading.

It should start launching weekend out now exit our web browser and it should pop up now there is some terms and conditions you got to read already read them. But now you can just read them whenever you want and you can download a printable version if you wish and click I agree. You now choose where the destination folder for all the and stuff will be, but I like to just keep it as default just for the simplicity of it and click install it’s now going to extract everything from the Installer this is actually pretty quick.Download Google Picasa for Windows 10There you go now I would like it to create a desktop shortcut, yes and I don’t want a shortcut in quick launch to see Google’s my default search engine.Download Google Picasa for WindowsI don’t wish to send an honest you should step to Google and I’d like to run it automatic cuts automating a Jenolan will click on the desktop shortcut and click finish.Download Google Picasa for WindowsHere’s the cursor on edit stops or just more mature and it’s come up with some support page just coming up with the new features. As you can see here, but we probably don’t need to read that if you guys wish to you can just copy this URL up here and read it and because is launched because it is ready to search for pictures on your computer. I’ll get it just to search and my documents and my pictures now we can choose what format and we want it to be ah let’s see.

Google Picasa Features

Download Google Picasa for WindowsI don’t we choose we if we want the castle debated to fall open up but I’ve already got paint on it I kind of like that a little bit more. So I’m select release and actually I’ll click don’t use a castle full of you just, because I don’t really feel the need to him now he as you can see here we’ve got a few photos oh that’s good photo isn’t it well that one for my thing. So um yeah that’s it um if you guys are any questions can you leave them in comment section below.


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