Download PUBG for PC – Windows 10 using Emulator

I’ll go over the step-by-step installation of PUBG Download for Windows 10 using the 10-cent gaming buddy app. PUBG download mobile app and a lot of people are having difficulties installing the game. some are getting stuck at 98% some are unable to download it properly what I’ve done is I’ve uninstalled my game completely and I’m going to do it all over again. Here are the steps for how to do it and if you still have problems, let us know

Step 1.  Download setup for Tencent Gaming Buddy

Download PUBG for Windows 10the first step you do is go to the website and download the settings for the playmate emulator application ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’ . this website then click download and just download the setup file to the desktop or wherever you like

step 2 Run setup and Select customize before Installation

Download PUBG for Windows 10How to download is done as you see it downloaded here just double click to start it. Before you click install, adjust it and then you choose the directory you want. You can also leave it at default, then see F Drive because F is the last drive on my system. so having C D E and F tends to choose the last drive. then change it and place it in C or whatever you want, you can put it in F as well or want to put it in C because C is my main drive as well as SSD. But this name is something from t-mobile and then you click to install.

first will install the application after it’s finished then it will start downloading the game. So when you have finished installing the application as you see here, now click Start and it will start downloading the game you have prepared. now running to download the machine and then start downloading the game. This wait is almost done not too big 99% and finished. So the game will start after this download is complete. It’s finished and now you have to start downloading the game. so this shows zero percent and five percent of downloads come back when it’s finished

Step 3 Wait for it to Finish downloading and installing PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG for Windows 10So this is downloaded it took me about ten minutes, so because my internet isn’t that fast right now but as you can see it’s downloaded and we’ll just wait for it to finish and hopefully this is done. So download is done now it’s installing and it’s done. We will also tell you the best settings or school settings etc., through the basic settings we will click HD here Save

Step 4 Close the game and Setup the Tencent App

Download PUBG for Windows 10Settings made at the beginning to get the best performance, click on the three blind enter the game settings select HD and I will choose the smooth one where I want the smooth LT to be clearly visible. But we want it to be a sword into the machine, you can choose to prioritize the GPU, select DirectX, you can also choose OpenGL anti-aliasing. main memory goes to 4GB I have 16 GB. So you have to go to the maximum processor you have to choose 8 programs even though you have a core 6 processor you have tried this working good resolution will be 1080 and the dpi settings you usually tend to choose in the middle seems to be what seems good to me. Now click on save it and this will take effect when you start the application, we will close the application. Make sure to cover it from the tree too and then restart.

Step 5. Restart the Tencent App and start PUBG

Download PUBG for Windows 10I will start this game then we will change the settings inside too.

Step 6 Change in-game setting for 60fps and smooth gameplay

Download PUBG for PC - Windows 10 using Emulator Here we are, into the game that I use on Twitter and we are in the Start menu. Then we will go to settings and choose images etc. So you can choose things here to select disabled hairstyles peeping aids to allow snooping if you want the break time always leave them on the left-hand side view we don’t deactivate and I think this for here and then we go into the select smooth and then extreme graph will give you the best frame rate. Also with style i choose colorful because they saturate things a little you can see things a little better and activate the anti-aliasing and iris automatic graphics disable this because what will be done is if it starts to fluctuate it will lock it to 30 select ok and will give you this best frame because if you can see it jumps back to 60 it’s about 2425 now about 58 60. It can also change sensitivity because it likes to know how about 15 to 20 I’m happy with this addition. You can start with the game, I hope these tips are useful, tell me how your installation is running, try to do exactly what I have done and see if it works if it still has problems. cause problems. So try to see if it can eliminate those things as well as try to deactivate everything else in the background or things like that that can download things and hopefully this should work and install and let know how it goes and thanks to you to you to watch.

solutions to install by using Bluestacks:

Download PUBG for PC - Windows

  • How to Install PUBG for Windows 10 Using BlueStacks
  • The first thing you want to do is install an Android emulator on your PC.
  • Run the Application and then find game PUBG
  • tap the Games PUBG application then download and install.
  • now you can enjoy the PUBG application on your Windows 10 PC


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