Download Utorrent for PC – Windows 10/8/7/XP

How to download utorrent for Windows 10 now if you’ve never used yutori before I’m going to run you through the process of downloading utorrent and downloaded your first torrent file. This is a Windows 10 tutorial but it’s going to work for all four versions of Windows.Download Utorrent for Windows 10

Let’s just get Started in the a Teturial:

  • The first thing we need is obviously utorrent I’ll leave a link in the description to utorrent you can come and click it and download it
  • You want to go and download utorrent classic. So we can click on download utorrent classic and all we need is the basic version here.
  • Now when you click download you should get a pop-up in the bottom left-hand corner with the utorrent
  • If you don’t just click try again and it should pop up as you can see it’s popped up here and now what we can do is run the installation wizard and install utorrent.

When you’re installing it on your computer it’s fairly simple, you can just click Next through all of these and it’s pretty much the same as you would install any of the software the only difference you might be used to is they are going to try and add an optional of the key computer it’s just gonna install some adware to your computer.

  • Just click the chlorine if you don’t want that and then again if you don’t want to operate on your computer you can uncheck that and then click next.
  • Now we can just click Next, and next again and it should launch uterine.
  • So now we’ve got utorrent installed you can click on torrents and this is going to be the main interface that we that we see when we’re downloading the torrents.
  • Now the next thing we need is a VPN, now if you don’t know what a VPN is it’s basically a virtual private network it allows you to encrypt all of your traffic through your internet service provider. so they can’t see what you’re doing online.Download Utorrent for Windows 10
  • If you download in a movie then they’re not going to be able to see that you download in the movie.
  • I’m not going to go into too much detail about VPNs. Because I’ll link my blog post below which goes into more detail if you want to check it out, but basically I use the vanish ppm.
  • So the VPN looks like this it allows you to connect to loads of different countries with thousands of differ. They hold no logs they’re fast and you can use it as much as you like.
  • I’m going to connect to the United States here and now we’re connected to the Boston United States and we are no longer trackable by our ISP.
  • Now once you’ve got those two things we need to go to a torrent website, in this case, we’re going to be using the Pirate Bay which will also be linked in the description.
  • So once you’re on the Pirate Bay you can now search for any torrent that you like I’m going to download audacity, because it’s a free program and I’m just going to use it as an example.

Type in the torrent click search and it’s going to bring up a load of torrents that you can download. You want to filter by cedars which is here at the bottom for use which basically means the more cedars a torrent file has the quicker it’s going to download I’m going to download the top one here or dassit e 2.0 final.

Once you click on the torrent you’re gonna see how many Cit and you’re gonna see some comments and then all. You can do once you’ve made up your mind if you want my torrent or not is click get this torrent a pop-ups going to open allowing you to open it with you torrent click open.

Here you torrents going to open it’s going to give you a location where you can save it which can change if you want to it’s gonna tell you what’s in the actual file it’s gonna tell. How big the file is and then you can also change the name and the torrent there and then click OK.

Because this torrent small it’s downloaded already and it’s already sedum. But what you will see is you’ll see a progress bar from 0 to 100 if you click on the torrent it’s gonna give you a time remaining a time elapsed and that’s basically all you need to know about torrenting then once it’s seeding it means it’s downloaded you can right click open containing folder and it’s going to open the folder where the torrent has downloaded. So that’s, how to use uTorrent on Windows 10 safely that’s how to download your first torrent file


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