Download WhatsApp Messenger for Windows 10 PC

And today we gonna be showing you, how to Download WhatsApp For Windows 10 PC. I really mean it, no more QR scanning, it really likes using your Android or any mobile platform WhatsApp, On a windows PC with the ease of typing on your computer keyboard or let say it’s moreover, for the one how need a bigger WhatsApp on their PC’s as well! So let’s stop talking more and start the show-up.

Download Bluestacks for windows 10Download WhatsApp for Windows 10

  • First of all, you need to open up your browser and go to this website Bluestacks.
  • you need to download this application called Bluestacks, don’t worry it’s completely free and trustworthy.

So feel free to do it! You can also stream any android apps or games using this program. Just like your using it in an Android device on your windows pc. Bluestacks is an android emulator!

  • Means an android device inside your PC. Or let’s say an android program interface!
  • Now you can see the app is just started downloading.
  • It a 307 MB file, pretty small in file size,
  • So there we go, the download is just finished.
  • Let’s go to the file download location, and install it.
  • Just double click on the Bluestacks setup file. And you can see its extracting. Once it finished you can see the installation windows
  • So the first step will be accepting the license agreement. So just go ahead and click on next.
  • And the next one will be, the choice to choose, where you want it to install the program.
  • I’m going with default, so just hit the next button again, and now click on install. And let’s wait a little bit and let it complete.
  • Seems it’s just finished the installation. So let’s launch the Bluestacks.
  • Now you can see its setting things up!
  • So let’s wait a little more.
  • Now it is asking for, do you want to enable the location tracking, so that apps can use your location, If you don’t mind doing them, just hit agree, And yes!
  • You can go for any other Language or the same, as you wish.
  • Now it is asking for add a Google account with Bluestacks, if you already have one, hope you do. So just click on continue, and type in your Gmail id and password.
  • So I have finished entering my mail id and password.
  • So just click on this forward arrow sign, then click on ok.
  • Now hit next and if you enable the 2 step verification for your Gmail account,
  • And hope you get a one-time verification code on your mobile phone. So go and check your message Inbox and type in the code right here, Now click on done.

And there we go, we just added it. The same account that we used on our phone, and that way you can sync everything, as I told earlier. Now hit the arrows, and you will get here. Now click on ‘No thanks’, and choose your name for apps. And that’s it. Now we can see the Bluestacks with all of its glory. It just looks like an android device.

Download WhatsApp for WindowsDownload WhatsApp for Windows 10

  • So head over to play store and download the WhatsApp.
  • Now click on install,
  • and you can be started downloading!
  • Let’s wait until its finish,
  • you can it’s just finished the download, and it’s installed.
  • So let’s go back home and set up the WhatsApp.
  • From home, Go to all apps, and you will find that WhatsApp, that just install.
  • Enter your WhatsApp mobile number and country code here, and make sure it’s correct.
    Now click on next, and ok.
  • Now it will be sent you a verification code to the associated mobile number.
  • So just look on your phone for the code, and just enter it here, as same as we done with the Google 2 step verification.
  • And now you can see it’s verifying the code! And it’s accepted. Now it’s asking for, the permission to check your Google drive, for WhatsApp backup, If you previously backed up anything. So let give it the permission.
  • Now select the Gmail account that you want to search the backups on.
  • Now it will check for the WhatsApp backup, on your Google account,
  • Now you need to type your WhatsApp display name.
  • Or you can continue with the default.
  • Once you edited the name. Just click on next, and that’s it.
  • Now the WhatsApp is ready to go,

and you can just chat or call any buddy, just like you do with your mobile device, from the comfort of your pc, and physical keyboard. And here you can see, I have successfully synced all of my WhatsApp contacts on my phone. And for your information, you don’t have to do any of this procedure anymore again. It’s all ready to go anytime, just launch Bluestacks from your desktop anytime and launch WhatsApp. And use it! It’s that simple. So that’s how you can use WhatsApp on a Windows PC!


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