How to Play Free DVD Player for Windows 10

How you can easily play DVD player for Windows 10 laptop or desktop for free. You’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10 all you’ve gone out and you bought a Windows 10 device and you’re surprised to find out that when you put in your DVD into it. It doesn’t play it automatically like it used to before on Windows, it brings you to the Windows Store and it tries to sell you a DVD player well. You don’t have to do that you can download one for free and it works really well the one we’re going to be downloading is called VLC. But you can’t do it via the Windows Store you have to go via your web browser so, for example, Internet Explorer or Microsoft edge and download it via there on the Windows Store when you download VLC it isn’t the desktop version, so it can’t play DVDs and I think they might have done that on purpose to push you towards their own product which is a chargeable product, but the VLC product works really well it’s been downloaded thousands upon thousands of times and most people are very happy with it. so let me show you how to do that now on this particular laptop here it doesn’t have a DVD drive built into it because it’s so small it’s a little GPD pocket so I’ve got an external one here but obviously on your desktop you’re gonna have a DVD drive on it and also your laptop most of them will have a DVD drive on it as well to ignore the fact that this is external it’s the same principle whethl er it’s built-in or not.

How to Play DVD player Software for Windows 10

DVD Player for Windows 10what we need to do is go to your internet browser so I’m going to go to Microsoft edge but it doesn’t matter which one you go to and I’m gonna go to google, and I’m going to type in V L C V. he’ll see and then already there you see it brings up the LC player or download or player download so let’s just go to VLC player. it’s all going to bring you to their website anyway and I’m just going to go to that top one there that says official download of the LC media player the best open source player. so let’s go up to there and left-click and this is the page here video land. so what we want to do is this is a Windows 10 device so I want to download the Windows 10 version so if we go to download VLC and there’s a little check down menu to the right-hand side here I’m going to left click on that and I’m just going to click on Windows. and now it says thanks to download will start in a few seconds. now from memory is about 123 megabytes if it’s a small file it’s not going to take up much room right what do you want to do with it well I want to save it so I’m gonna go to save. and it says here there you go this is in real time 95% downloaded already this is version 2.2 0.6 obviously dependent when you might have a later version. so now I’m going to go to open the folder, and I can see that it’s down here I’m gonna left click on it the reason I’ve got to there is that I’ve already had one and I just deleted it for the purpose of this video.

right so do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device so I’m going to click yes, and it says here please wait while setup is loading unpacking data and it’s just whizzing up there it doesn’t take long at all and it says here please select a language. How to Play Free DVD Player for Windows 10So I’m gonna pick English. I’m gonna click Next for the setup wizard, I’m going to click Next for the License Agreement. now it says here four components that I want to be installed well what I’m going to do is I’m going to uncheck web plugins because I don’t want these active X and stuff plugins here so I’m going to uncheck that one there and then I’m going to go to next. It’s asking me where I want it and I’m gonna click install. And now let’s just whizzing along there I will speed up this bit of the video

But it doesn’t take long. say completing the VLC media player setup wizard, so I’m going to click finish and it’s asking what it will allow them to do well I’m going to uncheck both of them but that’s up to you that’s your choice to read that and decide for yourself I’m going to uncheck that, and uncheck that and then I’m going to go to continue. Then you’ll recognize it because it’s got the traffic home there well okay. How to Play DVD Player for Windows 10So what I’m going to now do is I’m going to get the Simpsons movie and I’m going to plug it into my DVD player and then what I’ll do is when I get it working on here I’ll then get it working on the bigger monitor behind it just to make it easier to watch. I let that were away for a while and load up and there we go there is there so what I can do is I can make the screen big by clicking on this icon down here see there toggle the video in full screen. I can click on that and now it’s in full screen, so what we’ll do is let’s plug it into the monitor up here, so I’m just using in this instance a micro HDMI to a full-size HDMI. Hopefully now it will come up on the big screen and now we’ve got it up here ask forward to the middle of the movie where we go and that’s it up there and if I put a volume up you can see that the volume or you can hear that the volumes come in through that monitor up there if the volumes not coming through your monitor or your TV.

What you can do is get out of the full screen just going to put it on pause a minute and then if you click on your speaker symbol. How to Play Free DVD Player for Windows 10Here then you can change between for example if I put on that one where it’s going to come out of the little laptop at the bottom and if I put it on the other one it’s going to come out of the monitor up there. So that’s how you do it right now let’s close it down completely and take the discount and I’ll just show you it working on another one now, so right now I’ve got VLC closed. I’ll close everything so pretend now we’ve just turned on on that top we’re going to be greeted with the normal window screen there let’s apply this one here and when you put it in it should load up VLC automatically without you doing anything. So you can hear it now there you go it’s brought up VLC and here we go Muppets from space and again you can make it big screen like that and then do your scene selection play movie and the quality is nice too pictures nice everything’s perfect with it.


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