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facetime for windows 10FacetimeFor Windows 10 To Communicate Easier

Facetime for windows 10 is an app that is designated to communicate through video. It’s similar with phone-calling but it allows you to see the face of the caller and vice versa. It adds more fun when talking with friends or family which makes the app so popular amongst the apple users.

It’s created exclusively for iOS users only by Apple and so, the app is not available on Androids. Apple also does not intend to make the Facetime app available on android or PC. The good news are, there are some alternative ways for you to obtain facetime for your pc. And in this article, you will find out how to download Facetime for personal computers.

Facetime For Windows 10– Features and Excellence

Facetime for windows 10 features a video phone call which enables us to see the caller from the screen or through the video and vice versa. You can disable the front camera though, if you don’t feel like being watched at the moment. In addition to that, there is a mute option that disables your voice and the surrounding once you turn it on if you wish to not be heard. It also supports high definition quality and the audio quality is better than the usual cellphone connection.

Facetime for windows 10 also has an easy and simple setup. Therefore, users find it quite easy and convenient. People from all ages can use it without much struggle. It’s also user-friendly, and the best of all is that, this great app is free!

FacetimeFor Windows 10– How To Download

To download Facetime for windows 10, you need to have an emulator. I suggest you to download bluestacks emulator since it’s claimed to be the best emulator. Once you’ve downloaded the bluestacks emulator, install it on your computer. Then, download the facetime apk file by copying and pasting bit.ly/1PJPfvb into the search bar. After you’re done downloading the apk file, click on the install button and the installing process will begin on its own.

Afterwards, open the facetimeapk app with bluestacks emulator by double clicking it or click right on the apk file and select open with bluestacks emulator. From then on, it will automatically begin installing of its own accord. It will take a few seconds to install. Now, you’ve successfully downloaded the app and  all that is left to do is trying the app!

Don’t forget to enjoy the facetime app to the fullest!And, we wish you good luck on downloading facetime for windows 10!


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