free live 3d Wallpaper for Windows 10

RainWallpaper free live 3d Wallpaper for Windows 10RainWallpaper: free live 3d Wallpaper for Windows 10

Windows 10 is the new platform of Windows PC. This new Windows 10 is different with the previous platform such as windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7 and windows XP. But this windows 10 has a great design and graphic. Just look at the wallpaper. The Wallpaper Windows 10 is very easy to customize and you can, basically, do many things yourself if you have the time and concept you want to follow. With homemade slideshows and photo libraries, you can turn a boring desktop background into an inspiring experience

However, photos are just photos, and sometimes, you want to make a move to take them to another level. That’s where the animated wallpaper is RainWallpaper: free live 3d Wallpaper for Windows 10 are possible, as in previous Windows iterations. However, to get the best out of them, you need to install a third-party selection application and configure the live wallpaper option according to your preferences

In addition, the only existence of the live wallpaper will have an impact on your PC, so make sure your PC can run it The animated wallpaper. That’s the reason why this live wallpaper is very commonly used and liked by many users. 3D Wallpaper or beautiful free live wallpaper with rain effects that fakes raindrops falling on the PC screen. (you can draw signs in a steamy window), set 20 HD backgrounds, animated raindrops on windows, lots settings and much more.

You can download RainWallpaper gallery here : http://rainysoft.cc/rainwallpaper.html

FEATURES windows 10 RainWallpaper :

  • animated rain
  • 20 HD background photos and has many options of custom photos
  • Smoky window effect (steamy window)
  • This direct rain wallpaper fully supports horizontal positioning. The PC screen looks great whether it is on phones or tablets.
  • This wallpaper application will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery
  • Real smooth 3D animation

That is the article about RainWallpaper: free live 3d Wallpaper for Windows 10. I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading.


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