Get help with the xbox app on windows 10

Windows 10 came along with the Xbox app. What is exactly Xbox app? Perhaps you need help to find out what features can be used in Xbox app on Windows 10 and how to use them. Also there are some common problems that often occur when using Xbox app on Windows 10 and how to solve it.

Xbox app is pre-installed software on Windows 10. When you installed your PC with Windows 10, xbox app will come along just like IE. You must have a microsoft or xbox account in order to use this, because Xbox app serves as something like a bridge to your Xbox console and your Windows 10 PC. You can stream your friend’s Xbox one games online, follow friends and sending them messages, share your recorded gameplay, and other awesome features.

Get help with the xbox app on windows 10

How to use the Xbox app on Windows 10

When you run the xbox app for the first time, you will get a gamertag, this is like a username or alias. Gamertag is generated automatically, you have 30 days to change your gamertag as you like for free. Go to Customize > Change gamertag and follow the instructions to change your gamertag.

If you already have a gamertag that you use on Xbox one, you can log in by using it. Click on “Sign in with a different Microsoft Account”. Once you have logged in, your game history, friends, achievements, and activity will be show up in the Xbox app.

get help with change gamertag on xbox app windows 10

Chat with friends, you can see what your friends are doing now whether they are on the xbox or xbox app. Through your friend’s activity status you can know what game they’re playing. You can start a chat, and create a group chat party with your friends.

Stream Games, you can srteam games from your Xbox one console to your Windows 10 PC over WiFi in your home. When you play games in the living room, a live stream of what you play on your Xbox one console can be watched through your Windows 10 pc or laptop in your bedroom. You can even play a game with the controller by streaming games on Xbox app. To start a streaming, click on connect:

get help with stream xbox app on windows 10

then click on “add device”

get help with connect xbox one to xbox app windows 10

You will see the name of your Xbox console one, select it by click on Connect

how to stream games on xbox app on windows 10

then click on Stream button. You can also add other multiple device you want to stream here.

stream games from xbox one to xbox app on windows 10


Record and share game clips and screenshots, you can show off to your friends by recording your gameplay and share it through Xbox app. After you successfully streaming game you playing from your Xbox one console to Xbox app on Windows 10, push the combination keys: window + G on the keyboard. A taskbar will show up, click the red button to begin the recording.

How to record game xbox app on windows 10

When you finished the recording session, go to Game DVR on the left panel menu to open your recorded video, Choose the video you like to share and then click share so your friends can view it.

how to share video gameplay on xbox app windows 10


Get help with the Xbox app on Windows 10

There are some questions that often arise from users of Windows 10 who has difficulties with the Xbox app such as unable to login, the stream does not connect, crashes, and the lag problem. Here are some troubleshoots to help you with Xbox app on Windows 10.

Xbox app Windows 10 can’t sign in
First, you have to a make sure that you are connected to the Internet properly. If there is no problem with your Internet connection, make sure that the Xbox service are not experiencing problems. Go to xbox.com and sign in with your account to a make sure that their server is up an running. If it turns out you can not sign in at Xbox.com, you can just wait until they fix their server problems. Nothing we can do about it as a user.

The wrong date and time setting can also make you can’t signing in to the Xbox app. Go to Start –> Settings –> Time and language. Under the Date and time, make sure the Set time automatically setting is turned on.

If it turns out that all we have done are not succeeded, the final step that is recommended by Microsoft is to remove your Microsoft Account from your computer settings. Go to Start –> Settings –> Accounts and find the Microsoft account you used to sign in to the Xbox app, and select Remove. Now you can try again to sign in using a Microsoft account that you just removed.

Can’t start streaming game from Xbox app on Windows 10
Make sure that your Xbox One console allows game streaming. On your xbox one console, go to Settings –> Preferences –> Allow game streaming to other devices (beta).

Xbox app Windows 10 crashes
Some Xbox app on windows 10 users have discomfort when the app is crushing while they are opening some features like Achievements, or when opening the Messages tab. Feedback from xbox app on windows 10 users on reddit that seemed also managed to overcome this problem is to Sign Out of the Xbox Live App in Windows 10 and sign back in. If your Xbox app is still crushing again, delete a few messages on your SmartGlass app, and then reboot your computer.

If you are using ATI video card, it could be the morphological filtering is on, you need to turning it off. Go to the catylast control center -> Gaming -> 3D Application Settings, then turn morphological filtering off.

Xbox app Windows 10 streaming lag
When you stream the game and have too much lag or latency, the quality of your Wifi network is very influential in streaming games from Xbox one console to Xbox app on Windows 10. Here is what you can do to troubleshoot: If your Wifi signal is weak, replace with a wired Ethernet connection. If you do not have the LAN cable, then lower the quality level of the stream.

For gamers who play alone, Xbox app on windows 10 help you to socialize and keep in touch with other fellow gamers, get the latest information about games and play together while chatting in my spare time, yes of course, gamers are busy people with little time to spare.

If you have a problem in using the features like streaming the game, please let us know so we can help you with the Xbox app on Windows 10 and try to solve it.


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