How to Make Ghost Keyboard Typing In Notepad++

I’m gonna show you how to make ghost keyboard Typing in notepad plus plus so I already. Let’s start typing is so real ghost in notepad plus plus feature that allows you to display a text message when you launch the notepad plus plus. So in order to demonstrate that I’m gonna give you an example.

Method of Typing Ghost Keyboard in Notepad

Let’s open it Notepad and type in the text message you want for example or just type in the word Lord. Here I am and you save it whenever you want, so I’ll save it in my desktop here I’ll name it for example.

Ghost Keyboard Typing In Notepad++Okay so here it is in my desktop so in order to execute this trick I have to right click on the shortcut for that notepad plus plus which is here in my desktop. Our right-click and I will go to properties and at the end of the target I will just add minus Q F then I will give the path to the file that I have just created. So my file is on the C user’s Desktop and that name is hello.txt so this is the full pad for my file here but before you have to make – q f okay, of course, you need administrative rights.

Ghost Keyboard Typing In Notepad++Now it’s look was gonna happened when I will execute that that’s our double click on the shortcut here and as you can see, now the ghost type in here is beginning to write so the message that I have written in my text has been piped at the beginning of my notepad plus plus okay.

I will close that you can even make something random so if you don’t want to give actually this full pad your text. There are many hidden features in notepad plus plus you can for example table type minus Q and then randomly so in this case, it will execute a random message at the start of the notepad bus pass so that all hits OK say yes.

Ghost Keyboard Typing In Notepad++So now let’s launch it and here we have a random Your message is just a few days. So now you have random typing messages when you launch notepad plus plus.

It’s just a little trick that you can use in order to actually show these hidden features that are in Notepad plus plus as always we hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you.


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