Hide data in Notepad text file compartment of Windows 10/8/7

If you’re conscious of these, then you’ll complete your tasks quickly and in an exceedingly straightforward manner. You may ne’er ought to use any third-party software system, if you’re smart at mistreatment those tricks. Among those many Notepad tips and tricks available, I will let you know, how to hide data in notepad text file compartment of Windows 10/8/7.

We normally save our bank account numbers, credit card numbers, important passwords and so on, in text files and place them on our desktop to access them easily. But, if your system is being shared with others, then there is chance of this information being compromised.

What i like to recommend is, follow this method of activity data whenever necessary and remove those text files directly once you are finished your work, as once one thing is made, there ar some ways in which to interrupt it. This technique makes use of the Alternate information Streams of the NTFS classification system, that Windows supports.

Hide data in a secret text file compartment in Notepad

First open the command prompt in your Windows system and type the following command:


notepad FileName.txt:SecretWord.txt

Example Command:

notepad HideData.txt:FirstSecret.txt

Hide data in Notepad

Now, when you hit Enter, it says Cannot find the file specified at the location and asks whether to create or not. Just click ‘Yes’. Start typing into the file and save it.

Hide data in Notepad


The file shows a zero K size and it means that there’s nothing therein file.

Hide data in Notepad

So, the text that we tend to wrote, is hidden during this file and if you double click the file to open it, you see nothing written in it. though somebody opens it, they’re going to see associate degree empty computer file, and may begin typewriting information in to that. It doesn’t have an effect on our hidden information the least bit.

Hide data in Notepad

See and Edit the hidden information that was saved before

Now, if you would like to visualize the hidden information, you wish sort a similar command. you’ll even add some additional information during this step itself.
Hide data in Notepad

If you would like to feature some additional hidden information to a similar file, then you wish to use another secret word. this is often not the least bit associated with the information hidden with the primary secret word.

Hide data in Notepad

Example Command:

Notepad HideData.txt:SecondSecret.txt

None of them can have impact on either files or the most information. One issue to recollect is, you wish to travel through prompt to access the hidden information.

Now, once everything is finished take away that computer file utterly exploitation Shift+DEL and nobody is aware of this file any further.

Thanks to natively hide information in an exceedingly computer file of Windows. Use this tips whenever you wish to save lots of some lead for that span of your time.


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