how do i sync my settings in windows 10?

how do i sync my settings in windows 10how do i sync my settings in windows 10?

This is a guide of how to sync settings in Windows 10 if you were the users of previous versions like Windows 8. Yes, you have an ability to synchronize your Windows 8 data onto Windows 10 with some steps to do. This is one of the offered features by Microsoft to keep their users’ accounts safe even though they are using the newest operating system of Windows now. The account contains all themes, wallpaper, web-browser history and many more which are important for Windows’ users. Luckily, we have summarized them all here in this post.

Preparation Sync Settings in Windows 10

First of all, how to sync settings in Windows 10 starts from the Windows 10 Setting app. Most users do not know how to find this app since they are new to use Windows 10. Use the start menu to find it quickly. The default position will be the third apps from the bottom of the start menu. At this rate, you might see some options and make sure you choose “Accounts” option after all. For your information, Microsoft relocates the Account settings under the Settings app in Windows 10 as the controller of sync features so far. Thus, you know now where to find the sync features, right?

How to Sync Settings in Windows 10 Step 2

Under account settings, you have not yet known how to sync settings in Windows 10. But, you will read “Sync Your Settings” option, right? Just click this option and then you will be directed into a list of sync settings. In this option, you can toggle on and off the sync settings that you want to. At this phase, it depends on your demand whether to keep the current sync features or not. If you are confused to choose, you can rely on the Individual sync settings. This setting will choose some options of Windows 10 devices automatically and a few unique options of particular devices that you have used before. It is easier for beginner Windows 10 users in order to know the new features of this operating system.

Choose Your Own Sync Settings

That is all you have to do to synchronize your current devices with previous settings. Once again, it depends on your own choices. Which one is the best? It is all up to you. The point is that your Microsoft account will be updated with these settings. We prefer to use Individual Sync Settings because it has easier interface for new users of Windows 10. What you have to do is just follow these instructions and you will know how to sync settings in Windows 10 easily.


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