How To Compare Two File In Notepad++

Hello, friends so today I will go to cover about one important topic related to the file contents. So how to compare two file in Notepad plus plus so in the most of the IT industry or software developers face many issues like when when there is an issue comes or any error comes in one of the programs they that they have recently made a change and the thing is to mean they wanted to compare with the earlier of files or earlier version. So at that time is they find it sometimes they find it difficult to compare a thousand lines of code so far this technique mates we have the editor plus edit plus software which we can use or let’s say, miss, we have notepad plus plus.

Consider these steps on how to compare Two File in Notepad++.

I will be going to take about the one plug-in in the in the notepad plus plus which will be used as comparing the true file contents so in the notepad plus plus this is a notepad plus plus I open so you can I can open it from sharp menu or you can also type in a run command like notepad plus first once you open it you click on OK it will open there’s no fat flashback so it has one plug-in which is compare. What we can do ms let’s see miss I have two files I lied openly with this notepad plus days out of two JSP five, so let us say me if I just wanted to compare these two files.

Compare Two File In Notepad++So let’s go back plugins then compare if I click on this same as whatever highlighted with this local arm is it shows as this line has a change between the two fights so if you see this big equal R is equal to pink is equal to hello this is a change. So this way it will have the highlight means apart from this there is no change everything is the same.
This way we will get to know miss how we can compare let’s see MS I will do one thing I will just add this again compare see. Now the files are matching because what I did earlier it was having this color as yellow and I made it to the pink again to say match to the first file.

Compare Two File In Notepad++Now no if I click on this compare it says files match so this way it will be very easy to understand if there is any code change which has caused a shoe to soar program. So let’s close this I will just close this I will again show you Mr. day how we do highlight in the changes in the two files let’s say, miss, I have opened this homepage or SP and one page one dot JSP. Let’s see me say I wanted to compare this and what I can do I can click on this plug-in or compare so there is one better way to compare you can just press alter and D key from your keyboard which will directly show it will it’ll compare the two files so it is a better and faster way to compare the profile.

Compare two file contents in Notepad++Now you will see me there are two files two pages or two lines which has this change, okay the first line is this-this is highlighted with that means it has some change. So if you see in the second file instead of five it has entered the URA enter the word. This is one change on the second line which is highlighted over here if we say Ms you see this is one highlight of you instead of you there is the change charge enter two so this well this will highlight the changes means water or what are the differences there. If you see this is a highlighted row here that means there are two rows or two lines which has changes.

In this way we can compare two profiles or any file contents meaning if you want to compare then we can use this compare plugin from notepad plus plus. So it’s very easy and because it’s open source software, not side plus plus. So you can get it easily over the Internet if you search me Google so I hope you must have understood this concept of comparing the two files.


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