How To Defer Upgrades In Windows 10

defer upgrades in windows 10How To Defer Upgrades In Windows 10 in Simple 3 Step

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You need to know how to defer upgrades in Windows 10 since it will make your internet connection slower than before obviously. For your information, Microsoft always sets some updates on your operating system, in this case Windows 10. The worst part is when the updates are running automatically. We even do not know whether our internet is used by those updates or not at the moment. As the result, we find our internet is very slow and it is very disappointing, right? Actually, those updates are very important to prevent our system from any risks. However, the issue comes when the updates have giant sizes. Here are some steps that you have to follow to defer those upgrades especially in Windows 10.

How To Defer Upgrades In Windows 10 Using Tool

The first step of how to defer upgrades in Windows 10 is by checking your Windows 10 types. If you have Windows 10 Pro, it should not be a matter. But, Windows 10 Home is yet offering this feature at the moment. But, this might be unnecessary since we have many steps to block or defer that upgrades on our operating system. If you are Home users, you just download a troubleshooting tool named as “Show or hide updates”. This tool is very easy to be used by everyone. Click on the app and select some updates that you do not want to upgrade. You can defer or block those updates. The updates that you have chosen would be appeared anymore.

How To Defer Upgrades In Windows 10 Using Default Program

The second step of how to defer upgrades in Windows 10 is by using a default feature named “Metered Connection”. This method works by deceiving your operating system to use non-broadband connection. The system will think that you are now using tethered connection by your mobile phone and it stops or defers any delayed-updates or download on your desktop. To use this feature, just go to the Wi-Fi settings on “Start”. Find advanced options and click on “Metered Connection”. Make sure you have wireless network on your devices.

How To Defer Upgrades In Windows 10 Pro

That is all for Home users of Windows 10. If you have Pro version, you can easily defer the upgrades and downloading software on your Windows 10. Find “Update & Security” feature under Start button. Then, find the advanced options. You will see “Defer Upgrades” option immediately in this part. Done! Those methods are very easy, right? You just rely on the default programs to defer the updates and upgrades on your Windows 10. Hopefully, your problem of how to defer upgrades in Windows 10 has been solved now.


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