How to Download Mozilla Firefox Browser for Windows 10 Version

Download Firefox for Windows 1Mozilla Firefox is an application for browsing that is very popular, made by Mozilla Corporation, Firefox is one of the open source web browsers built with the Gecko layout engine. Not only is reliable Firefox also supported by a number of separate install-ons that can be installed allows users to do according to the use of the Add-ons. If you need a browsing application that is screwed and tested for security when traveling on the internet, this software must be tried and used as the main browsing application. This Software is able to protect our PC / Laptop from viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. Not erasing, don’t get me wrong. That is, if you don’t intentionally access a dangerous site, you will receive a message warning that the site is dangerous to open. Warning, right?

How to download Firefox for Windows 10 it’s free and easy ok. Let’s go ahead and get started by opening up the windows 10.Download Firefox for Windows 10

  1. Default internet browser which is Microsoft edge.
  2. And once you have it open go to this link right here which is the link where the click Mozilla Firefox is located.
  3. Here and click on the download windows or download Firefox that is for Windows it’ll download.
  4. Click on Firefox for the desktop. and open web and we go and go ahead and click on download Firefox.
  5. And in Microsoft edge, we get this prompt down below here. and it says what do you want to do with Firefox installation DXE. And what we want to do is either save as or save.
  6. And that’ll go ahead and download the installation file that we need to run on Windows 10 and can click on the run after it says that it’s finished. and it has and if I don’t want to click on run I can click on an open folder or view the downloads, but I’m going to click on run.
  7. Like I said it begins installing the Firefox internet browser for you and depending on the speed and performance of your particular computer system. this can take a couple of minutes.
  8. And once it’s completed it goes ahead and creates an icon on your desktop for you and in some cases in Windows 10 depending on, how you have it configured in your settings.

Download Firefox for Windows 10 will automatically open up and I also wanted to show you that you can move it anywhere on the desktop I like it right here personally. And when you double click it will open up Firefox and in comparison to Microsoft edge it opens up about the same speed and let me go ahead and close that. Because I did want to show you one other thing before and that is that we can grab it the icon that is and drop and drag it on the taskbar down here and where it’s pinned for easy convenience whenever you need to open up Firefox. Thank you much go to visiting in article.


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