How to Enable/Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10

Are you using Kaspersky service for your internet banking and online payments security? After you use Windows 10, how to enable or disable Kaspersky Safe Money in Windows 10.

Today more and more people use the internet to buy something with transactions done online. The development of internet banking and online payments followed by the development of computer security threats. Kaspersky has a feature called Kaspersky Safe Money that can make you safe in doing online payments.

Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10 has three main components, each of them protects you from various types of security threats:

Trusted sites, Kaspersky protects you when doing transactions via internet banking, sometimes you get an email from your bank asking you to check your account by following the link attached. When you go to that link, Kaspersky will automatically check the URL to make sure it is the valid page, you know you can not trust just like that even though the email came from your bank. If the link is checked by Kaspersky match the trusted addresses database maintained by Kaspersky Lab or specified by the user, you will be directed to the Safe Money mode that provides protection and security when you make transactions. Kaspersky Safe Money guarantee that you open a valid link.

Trusted connection, Kaspersky will check the authenticity of the website’s certificate, you recognized it with https protocol. Before the page is displayed, the certificate will be verified first. The web page can not be displayed if the certificate is not verified.

Trusted environment, threats can come from anywhere, including from your own computer, your local network and how you connect to the internet. Kaspersky Safe Money also check the security of your computer by scanning your Windows 10 and eliminate all kinds of malware found.

How to Enable or Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10

You are not using Kaspersky Safe Money all the time just like Windows Defender’s Real Time Pretector, you just use it when you are gonna make online payments or internet banking. In order to open a website using Kaspersky Safe Money for online payments or internet banking, you must enable it at first. We assume that you are already installed Kaspersky Total Security, here is how enable or disable Kaspersky Safe Money:

Open Kaspersky Total Security –> OK –> Settings, then select “Protection” section, or just launch it from the desktop shortcut if available. There is “Safe Money” section in the right pane, you can turn it on or off by clicking the slide.

How to Enable or Disable Kaspersky Safe Money In Windows 10

You can enable Kaspersky Safe Money if needed, and then disable it when the transaction is completed in order to not spend too much memory resource.

If you experience any problems or difficulties with running Kaspersky Safe Money, please let us know.



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