How to Encrypt Text Files using Notepad++

Hello, today we will learn how to encrypt in text files notepad plus plus. So this is simply going to the browser and you type download for this you simply go to the browse. Type the download notepad ++ click on the first link that seems to be here even for the official website.

If you have a 64-bit PC, I recommend you all to download they started a bit installer just click on it once it’s done it will be opening up the installation is very simple just click on OK.

How to Encrypt Text Files Notepad++Next I agree next install it will install within less than a minute and they finish so you can see it has been opened up over here.

Now we are going to see how to encrypt so you just go to plugins and you see the option your plug-in manager show plugin manager ok.

How to Encrypt Text Files Notepad++You can come to a section into then because we want to download the encrypt plugin, yes there it is so just select it to install you can either do a yes or a no over here.

But I alright now I’ll do one now it’s downloading the plug-in notepad needs to be restarted yes.

okay so you’re a plug-in has been installed if you come with your plug-in app crypt you can see, so this is the plug-in over you now suppose I want to encrypt any of my files like for example I have a simple core which is written over your XML file.

So what I need to do in this is when I have this fire over here I’ll select the whole file or how much of a section you want to encrypt just come to plugins app crypt encrypt enter the password I shall enter computer ok.

How to Encrypt Text Files Notepad++You have to confirm computer again and there you see your file has been encrypted notepad decryption is again as simple as this you are into a control plugins encrypt decrypt password is computer and open and there you see that your file has come back.


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