How to get help in windows 10 printer

When upgrading to Windows 10, some of the connected devices often experience problems, one of which is a printer. If your printer does not work in Windows 10, here are some of the first help to the windows 10 printer.

The problem that occurs in Windows 10 can be grouped into two: Software and Hardware Problems. The problems of printer software on Windows 10 is still the same with printer problems in earlier versions of Windows before Windows 10, it is the driver. Whenever you upgrade or replace your Operating System, there is always a problem with the driver. Meanwhile, if the problem is the hardware of the printer itself, then nothing we can do, call the technical support. We can only help to troubleshoot your Windows 10 printer.

How to get help in windows 10 printer

First, connect the printer to your computer. Turn it on, and then make sure the LED light is all green. If one of the LED is red, there may be a problem with the printer such as running out of ink. Check the manual book of your printer to find out why the LED is red.

So now your printer is connected to your computer and the LED is all green, but when you try to print a document, it won’t move at all. Here is what you need to do: Go to Start Menu, and then type Devices and Printers and click it. You will see some of the devices that are currently connected to your computer. Make sure you find your printer there with a green check icon that indicates that your printer is detected by Windows 10.

How to get help in windows 10 printer

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If there is no green check icon, then try to remove your printer and reinstall it. Click on “Remove device”. To reinstall, turn your printer off and then turn it on again, by doing this Windows 10 will detect a new printer and it will lead you to install it, just follow the instructions.

In the process of re-install the printer, Windows 10 will automatically search for the driver of your printer. If it can not, or if the Devices and Printers won’t open then you must update the driver yourself. First, reconnect your printer to computer and turn it on, to make sure your printer is already installed, go to Start –> Settings –> Devices –> Printers & scanners. You will find your printer there. If your printer is not listed, click Add a printer or scanner and wait while Windows 10 tries to detect your printer. Windows 10 will once again search for the driver, make sure you are connected to the internet because Windows 10 will search for install any necessary drivers.

If it is not successful, the next step is click “The printer I that I want is not listed”. In this section, select the “My printer is a little older. Help me find it.” and then click next. The final way that we recommended is to run the Windows 10 printer troubleshooter, Go to Microsoft’s official website to find out how to do it.

As a new Operating System you have to check the Windows 10 printer compatibility, go to your printer’s official website to find out whether your printer is compatible for Windows 10. They usually provide the latest drivers for free download if the printer is compatible for Windows 10.

If you are still having trouble and need help in Windows 10 printer, or if you have resolve your Windows 10 Printer problem, please share with us.


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