How to get help in Windows 10 Windows Media Player

Do you have trouble in using Windows 10’s Windows Media Player? Microsoft removes some features in Windows 10 that seem to complicate the use of Windows Media Player to play a DVD. Do not worry, we got your back, you will know how to get help in Windows 10 Media Player.

Windows Media Player is pre-installed application that came with your Windows 10 installation, as well as IE and Xbox app. Windows Media Player is the default application to plays music and video on Windows 10, supports many file types and compressions like bdmv, evo, hevc, mkv, avi, flv, webM, mp4, ts, m4v, m4a, ogm, ac3, dts, alac, flac, ape, aac, ogg, ofr, mpc, 3gp, and many more.

How to get help in Windows 10 Windows Media Player

How to get help in Windows 10 Media Player

Get help with play DVD in windows 10
Windows 10 brought many changes, one of them is the disappearance of the Windows Media Center and DVD playback, because of this we can not play DVD using Windows Media Player, and then what to do? Well, You can use an alternative application for playing DVDs. Try VLC, it’s absolutely free and easy to use.

Get help with Windows Media Player not working in Windows 10

get help with Windows Media Player on Windows 10

After the install process is finished, you may feel to chill out and listen to the music, but when you open the Windows Media Player, it says “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.” This is what we suggest to do in order to fix it: Open your Windows Media Player, then click Organize on the top right, then click Options –> Library, and then uncheck the box: “Retrieve additional information from Internet.” If this is still not working, go to the link below and download the fix for Windows media player and check.


Get help with error message of Windows Media Player on Windows 10
When you play a multimedia file, sometimes you get an error message and you can not play the file. In the error message contained a Web page button, make sure you are connected to the internet, then click the button to see what the error code number is. The error codes is an alphanumeric characters, to get help you can google for it and find the answers to fix the error code.

Get help with Windows Media Player codec on Windows 10
You may also have to install several codecs in order to play a particular file format. The easiest way to install codec is via the internet, you have to be online to get the codec you need. Open the Help menu on your Windows Media Player (if you can not see the Help menu, tap or click Organize, tap or click Layout, and then select Show menu bar), and then click About Windows Media Player. Your default web browser will opened and shows the detailed information about the codecs, plug-ins and anything you need to troubleshoot your problems.

Get help from Technical Support for Window Media Player on Windows 10
Contact Technical Support to get help in Windows 10 Windows Media Player, When you’re feeling stuck and could not find a way out alone to resolve the problem with Your Windows 10 Windows Media Player, a professional help may be needed. You can contact technical support for Windows Media Player on Windows 10. Go to this page to get their help.

If you still need help with your Windows Media Player on Windows 10, please let us know by leaving the comment below


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