How to Install Plugin Manager Manually In Notepad++

Welcome to another notepad ++ tutorial, so in this article, I will answer questions that I often have in my channel on how to install the notepad manager plugin so you are ready, let’s get started. So in some versions of notepad plus there is no plugin manager installed by default so for example here if I go to the plugin menu you will see that I don’t have a plugin manager. How can I get the plug-in manager to install the plugin?

Install The Plugin Manager Manually In Notepad++

  • So actually it’s pretty easy all you have to do is to go to the GitHub site, so we will find the link in the description or your just type in Google the notepad plus pass package manager.how to install plugin manager notepad
  • Which will redirect you to the site here and here you can see the different versions of the plug-in manager, so this is the version 40 tier 32 bits and the one for 64 bits okay Some amusing, not purpose plus 32 bits.
  • so I will install this zip here so I will download the zip. so I can install it for example in my desktop so I will download it okay.
  • Here it is it’s a zip file, so I have to extract my file so I have here two folders, so I will go to the folder called plugins and you will notice there is actually a file called dragon manager which is a dynamic link library, so I will extract it ok
  • Pretty easy pretty simple now I will right-click on the icon of that Park bus in my desktop I’ll go to properties and then open file location, so it depends on what system you have.
  • If you have 32-bit is not bad plus in this directory here. So all I have to do in order to install the plugin manager is actually to copy this file here which I downloaded from the set GitHub to this folder here called plugins pretty easy ok.how to install plugin manager notepad
  • So I will just copy or cut it to paste it in this file here, so I need administrator permission, so I will go continue voila that’s all now all I have to do is to restart not bad pass, so I will close it and our launch it the game and now as you can see the plugin manager has been installed. There is a manual called plugin managerhow to install plugin manager notepad
  • I can show the plugin manager of course and if you have an older version it will prompt you to install or to update this plug-in manager. So the ayat allotted the latest version, so I will not get the notification.how to install plugin manager notepad

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to install the plug-in manager if you don’t have it you. You just have to download the zip file here to extract it and put it in the correct directory called the plugin directory inside Notepad Plus in your system. So I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you.


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