How to Printing And Exporting in Notepad++

Printing some text suggests that making a brief file of binary information a given printer will perceive Associate in Nursing render in an expected means. On primitive OSes, the file could also be implicit as characters would be sent right over the parallel cable. once printing to a file, or to a PDF/PostScript printer, the file being created isn’t temporary.

Change the text into printed materials or any other kind of text

For this reason, printing is hardly completely different from mercantilism to some format. However, there’s some specific language that applies to print, as a result of it had been glorious long before the opposite ways.

How to Printing Exporting in Notepad++

ways to Printing and Exporting in notepad++

There area unit 2 commands, situated on the File menu. Print … call the Windows dialog to select the printer quality. Print Now! skips this step and prints one copy of the full document to the default printer.


Two tabs on the Settings -> Preferences dialog management the means Notepad++ prints a document: Print – color and Margin and Print – Header and Footer.

The former permits you to opt for the four margins, in centimeters. There also are four color schemes to settle on from:

  1. actual colors
  2. inverted actual colors
  3. black on white
  4. actual foreground on white

Additionally, there’s a checkbox to toggle printing of line numbers.

The latter tab has 2 frames, the highest one for outlining the header and also the bottom one to outline the footer. they’re otherwise identical.

The header and footer area unit split into a left, central and right half, the text of which might be entered in text fields. The font face, size and attributes for the full header/footer are often chosen below these text fields.

While any text could also be entered, it is often enriched with some variable quantities. The list of obtainable variables seems higher than the 2 frames. to feature a variable, choose it on the dropdown list and click on the Add button. The obtainable variable quantities are:

  • Full filename path: the absolutely qualified file name
  • Filename: the file name while not NY folder name
  • File directory: the file path, with none name
  • Page: the paging, in Arabic digits
  • Short date format
  • Long date format
  • Time

Unsupported print options

The following don’t seem to be supported as of version vi.6.6:

  1. Print all opened files
  2. Insert a page break (you will strive to insert kind feed characters, however, hottest printers won’t influence it).

Exporting to some format

The Npp Export plugin will export this document/selection as RTF or hypertext mark-up language. There’s an additional command to repeat all formats to the writing board.


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