How to Protect Your Windows 10 PC with 2 Best Methods

How to Protect Your Windows 10 PC with 2 Best MethodsĀ 

How to Protect Your Windows 10 PCHow to protect your Windows 10 PC is easy if you know how to do it. This is the main reason why we create this article exclusively for you today. Sometimes, we are worrying about our current PC whether it is harmed by virus or not. Meanwhile, today technology has many threats from irresponsible hackers spreading their malwares and viruses through internet. This is our effort to keep our PC unharmed by them. For Windows 10, there is no difference in protecting our PC. We have 2 best methods to prevent your Windows 10 PC from any threats of viruses.

How to Protect Your Windows 10 PC with Windows Defender

The first way of how to protect your Windows 10 PC is by using Windows Defender. Why we rely on this default protection of Windows is because its protections are good enough for daily surfers. You can browse everyday safely without worrying any threats from malware and viruses. The best benefit of this program is without any pop up and money to upgrade it. Yeah, you do not need to spend your money to upgrade or update Windows Defender. However, this protection cannot scan in depth because it does not support the menu. Your Windows 10 provides this app by default.

Installing Antivirus

The second method of how to protect your Windows 10 PC is by installing antivirus. Adding extra protection besides of Windows Defender will give better results in the end. However, what kinds of antivirus which are compatible with Windows 10? For your information, these days hackers aim your browsers with their dangerous plug-in. It means that you have an antivirus that provides anti-exploit system such as MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit which is free to download. Actually, Microsoft has also EMET security tool. But, the previous one offers easier interface after all. It will block any dangerous plugin and exploit for your Windows 10 PC.


Overall, those 2 best methods will work their best if you know how to use them. If you are confused to choose one of them, just try both because they offer better and tough protections for your Windows 10 PC. The tougher viruses will be defeated by updated antivirus. SO, do not forget to keep update your antivirus if you want to have better protections. At this rate, we offer two best methods for today. Perhaps, you have your own choice. The point is that you know how to prevent those dangerous malware for your computer. That is all for today and hope you get the point of how to protect your Windows 10 PC with these methods.


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