How to Recover Unsaved Data in Notepad++

How to recover unsaved data in notepad plus plus or you can not save data. But it is not showing your data in your notepad plus plus window sometimes it happens so for this notepad plus plus has provided some features and functionalities as every software have some features. Functionality but previous versions plus classic notepad do not provide this kind of function so here we have a different tab.

Method If You Lose Data And Want How to recover unsaved data in Notepad

So you need to go into the settings and here we have a preference and here we have different number of buttons so we can use packed up and this is the location where your own programs are already backed up so you can access your previous data.Recover Unsaved Lost Crash Data in NotepadI would like to tell you about these steps as well this is at remember concession for next launch, so if whenever even launch your next launch of not better plus plus your old existing data will be present. But it could be one percent chances your data is not there so you can recover old data from this path and in every seven seconds it takes the backup so this is functionalities.Recover Unsaved Lost Crash Data in NotepadRight now I just copied this path and I open this path know we are in the computer I just enter this and you can see as here we have a different number of files it around nineteen files so till date we have taken the 19 files yet automatically. I have worked up on 19 files, but if you see my notepad plus plus there are only five windows are open. You can’t take the idea from this as this has already taken the more 15 or 14 tabs so my only tie is already present here and as indeed modified I can see the date is different. So if I want to recover my and data so I would like to open my data with the current date like this here I have chosen notepad.Recover Unsaved Lost Crash Data in NotepadSo here you can see it is alpha beta gamma and testing and now I will go to through my notepad plus as its name indicates is new for tab and this is with respect to the current date and time. So in this way, we can recover our data or if you go to this step and here it should not be anything in this-this is blank because when notepad plus 5 a vendor is already blank. The way you can recover your old data so you do not need to worry.


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