How To Replace Carriage Return in Notepad++ in Windows 10

Welcome to how to change the carriage return in Notepad plus the tutorial, so today I will show you how to replace the window terminator in line with the UNIX line terminator.

How to Replace Carriages and Notepad Feed Line ++

  • So I have let it start so to show this example here, I will only open a text file in a text window.
  • For example let’s open this one here, so as you can see it contains many Alliance but actually every line has the terminator.
  • If you want to show this terminator all you have to do is to go your menu view then show symbol then show all characters, okay or you can just click this shortcut here which will show all the characters.how to replace carriage return in Notepad
  • Now you can see that every line has CR LF as terminator actually CR stands for courage return and L F stands for Lion’s feet.
  • This is the format of the line terminator in Windows, but if you are using UNIX file you will notice that you will have just the LF character at the end of each line. so how to convert this text file here to be UNIX format so in order to do that it’s really easy.
  • So you can do it with tomatoes I will show you the easiest one, so in order to just keep the line feed character at the end of each line all. All you have to do is go to search then replace them in the text box font what you have to write + / r then ante / M and you will replace them with only n but you have to make sure that in search mode you choose extendedhow to replace carriage return in Notepad
  • Then your head replaces all so now if I close this window you will notice that, now I have a UNIX file format with the LF Terminator.how to replace carriage return in Notepad

Another away to Replace carriage Return and Line feed Notepad !

But there is the easiest method, if you want to convert also this text file to UNIX format it’s really easy you have to go to your edit menu then you’re not are here there is many called and offline conversions. So all you have to do is to convert it to your necks or OS X which is a Mac format, so we had that and here we go now your fault actually is confirmed to the UNIX or a Mac format.

Replace Carriage Return in Notepad++ in Windows 10So that was just a brief article that will show you how to convert or to replace the windows line terminators with UNIX or Mac terminators as always. I hope this can help you and I want to thank you for seeing goodbye.


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