How to reset windows 10 to factory settings

When your Windows 10 is too mess up, too many viruses, it become unresponsive and can not be used for work, you have no other choice but to reset your Windows 10 computer back to the factory setting or we can call it factory reset.

To reinstall your Windows means that you must repeat the exhausting process by installing all the applications you need to work and also install again all the hardware drivers. In Windows 10, you do not need to reinstall or reformat your entire Windows partition. With a factory reset in Windows 10, the process is much faster and less damaging.

How to reset windows 10 to factory settings

To factory reset in Windows 10, Go to Start menu –> Settings –> Update and Security,


How to reset windows 10 to factory settings

at the Recovery section, click on Get started under Reset this PC. This will lead you to choose the options whether you want to keep your files or completely destroy it. The first option is to keep your files and remove all the applications and settings you have installed. The second option is to destroy everything: applications and personal files, then start a new life.

how to factory reset windows 10 but keep files

After you choose one of them, Windows 10 will scan your system and list all the applications that will be deleted. You will see this list of programs after the factory reset process is completed. Click Next button on this step to continue.

Now your Windows 10 is ready to reset the computer or PC, if you choose the first option to keep the file, the next window is showing a reminder or confirmation once again:

factory reset windows 10

If you are really sure, just hit Reset button to continue. Wait until the factory reset is done, it will take saveral minutes. When it’s done, the list of the applications that you have before will show up so you can begin to reinstalls them again.

If you are still having trouble with Windows 10 reset to factory settings, please let us know about it.


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