How To Run or Execute a C Program in Notepad++

Tutorial so today I’m going to show you how to run C program in notepad plus plus so already let us start it. so in order to execute the c-sharp script under at purpose plus it’s really easy.

  • You have to do is to install a plug-in called c-sharp plugin so as always I will go to my plugins Mary then drag it in manager then on choose show plugin manager okay.how to run C program in notepad
  • From the list of available plugins, our search for the c-sharp plug-in so parities as you can see here it’s not my brother’s pocket for c-sharp script.how to run C program in notepad
  • Just click on the checkbox here and our install so it will install easily but I have to work easy we restart notepad plus plus okay.how to run C program in notepad
  • And now it’s restarting again, so now you will notice a new menu has been added called c-sharp script okay.

Example of how to implement C program in Notepad:

So in order to use that man you call just open here an example C sharp script so one of the good features of that blackens actually is it can format my C sharp script. So for example if I have such a lot yes and that we just changed you can see that my script now is not good formatted if you want for Matins like a pro all you have to do is to go to plug in then Sushant script the need is option called format documents.how to run C program in notepad Now as you can see my script has been formatted like a professional programmer okay so in order to run the script here it’s really easy always go for plugin you then see the manuscript C sharp dragon than to run if you run it. You will notice here so now by default it’s on the debug view but you can just turn it to your console view and this is output as you can see this is my first C sharp program because we have executed this script here using this plugin and here on the left side you can see all the references to the demon that was used by the program. how to run C program in notepad And you if you hover over a name of dynamic link library, you can see its location so here it uses actually two dll’s system and system that link okay so of course it comes with photo compilation features and in a sense features but in order that to work good you have to disable sit in a not bad but past so or God sitting preferences. Here you can see the auto-completion you have to disable this features here to disable it in order that your plugin works well some I’ve already done that oops – no problem. It just type something like for example control them space it gives me all the classes that I can use example or object attack animals for example I choose console if I had points it gives me all functions are the methods so this is the internet cents for each artist and here it’s a method called right lane right line actually. how to run C program in notepad

So it’s pretty easy plug-in that you can use and that will turn your notepad plus plus into it C sharp interface. That were just a brief introduction to this plugin here that can helps you to perform lot of things using C shop as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you.


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